7800 Iltis Drive, Urbandale, IA 50322
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 10/9/2010
Years at this apartment: 2008 - 2010
After reading some of the reviews, I also decided to put in my own. Too often we do not comment when things are going well.
I have lived here for a couple years and preferred to move to a larger apartment rather than leave this complex. Why?
1. Location - If you have school aged kids, it's great, no through streets, within walking distance to the schools (and they don't have to cross heavily trafficed streets or unlit areas to get there. (The sun rises later in the winter.)
2. I love the walking paths close to the complex - we are connected to several parks in either direction - peaceful, quiet, no major sounds of traffic.
3. There are not alot of loud parties, no disrespectful groups hanging outside. Everyone here seems friendly, and have their own things going on - if there is a gathering, it usually appears to be family, or game time, etc..
4. Not much crime. I like that.
5. Apartment staff ALWAYS notify me at least 48 hours by phone and paper notice prior to entering my apartment.
6. Emailing maintenance requests - I get an email response within 24 hours letting me know when they will send someone - if it's an emergency, I can call and get someone via the maintenance phone number.
7. Maintenance staff are friendly, knowledgeable. They let you know what they are fixing, and if it will need a part to be ordered - how long it will take.
8. Office staff have fluctuated - coming and going - they always hire pleasant competent staff - and will flex management staff from other complexes to fill any vacancies.
9. Hallways - not too bad - neither of the buildings I lived in really had a stinky hallway. Well lit - laundry facility clean.
10. Grounds - I like that they installed the posts with bags for dog walkers to use - very nice.
11. Pool - great to use, small but fun. exercise room is good too!
12. Very pet friendly.
13. Simply put - I like it here. I like the atmosphere, I like the people, I like my apartment.
14. My kids love it here.


Last updated: 10/9/2010

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