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Meadows at River Run (formerly Lincoln at River Run)

350 Whitewater Drive, Bolingbrook, IL 60440
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For a square footage of 630 feet, I was shocked that my monthly utility bills exceeded over $200.00 a month. This might seem "average" however, my water bill each month regardless of consumption is $40.00 with over half going to taxes and line charges.
Other than the convienence of having a washer and dryer inside the apartment, I cannot recommend renting from here. Monthy rent exceeds $950.00 per month which as stated previously, does not include all utilities. Electric, gas and water are seperate.

Last Updated: 08/20/11
I agree with this posting. It is expensive here. I'm getting really annoyed paying the excessive utilities. You only pay $40 I pay $90 for water per month for a two bedroom! What they do is they take the water bill for the entire building you live in and divide it up equally among the units in your building. So you do the best to wash, take a bath and run your dishwasher everyday! The problem is that they the water company is thru a third party billing service so you pay additional for that, plus Bolingbrook had 30% increase in the cost of water supply over the past few years which doesn't help. On the flip I my family members that live in a house in Bolingbrook pay less than $100 a month for water and they have a 2500 sqft house 4 people living there and wash 3 vehicles a week during the summer! The windows are drafty in the winter its benifical to put plastic up to your window to save on your heating in the winter and leave the plastic up there in the summer to keep the air in! I pay an additional $400 a month in utilities plus $1400 in rent for two bedroom, is getting out of control! The complex is nice but the cost can push you to the edge living here. I've renew my lease twice and I won't be doing it again.

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