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441 East Erie, Chicago, IL 60611
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I don't understand how the people who work in this building get to write positive reviews here about the Onterie building? My lease is just few days to end and I didn't renew it 'cause the really bad service this building provides. If you are smart enough you can notice that the good reviews about this building is from people who actually works in this building or someone who do advertise this building around for people to keep coming here and rent in this building. I was talking to few people in the floor I am living in... and they all are not please with the service this building provides. Almost all the floor where I am is moving except for the new renters who are now attach to the lease they signed. These people that works in the lease department they lie, they are so fake and they are good to convince people to sign the lease. However, after signing the lease, bye to that nice way of being. The building is too expensive to live and it doesn't diserve it. The gym is separate from the rent, the parking is too low, it feels like a rat box, you can actually reach the ceiling if you jump and it's too expensive. One side of the building they close the doors around 9 or before depends how they feel so you have to go around the building after 9 if you want to get inside the building even when you have to entrance to get in the building, weird! and found out after I moved here. These small details for them they don't mention in the beginning when for tenants like me are. The front desk keep messing with my information the whole yr. I provided with two numbers in the beginning of my year here in the application I submitted but they keep calling my second number which it's my work number when I have family or friends coming over, when I didn't say they can call my work number when someone comes to visit me. These people are not careful, they don't pay attention to what they are doing and it feels like they just want people to sign the lease for the money they will get and not have good tenants that stay here happy and make this building a great building. Views are good like the one who commented that one that works here in the building, 'cause even he or she said it's not and then why it's anonymous? or why a tenant who lives in this building will be checking the rating about this building to make sure to keep the rating in a good standing? That doesn't make any sense, who who lives in a building for a long time will be checking about the rating about the building? The only people who are worry about what people says about the building is the ones that work here and are worry about the rating so they don't have renters to come here and leave their money in their pocket. Anyway! I am glad this yr. went fast and ready to move to the new building which it newer and has everything included and people seems more polite and open to listen and help.

Last Updated: 04/20/11
A few years ago I gave the Onterie an excellent rating, which I still stand by! I am not an employee of the building, and have no vested interested in reviewing the building except for the fact that one time when a friend of mine was on this website looking for a place to live, I checked on the reviews for the Onterie, where I had lived for over 2 years. I was surprised to read such negative reviews; they were not at all representative of my experience. SO I decided to write my own review, which was very positive. I think it's important for prospective renters to have a balanced view.

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