63 East Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60601
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 12/19/2011
Years at this apartment: 2011 - 2011
It's funny how people love to complain when things don't go their way,and its rare that people will post when things go well!

I've both lived and ran a business at MDA over the years, and both experiences were fantastic. As a building, MDA is by far the most ideal in location and amenities for the pricing, as well as has always had an easy going yet professional management that steps to the plate whenever a major issue arises. MDA is also unique in that there are work/live units, where should you have a small business you can utilize the building as an affordable office location which I've found to be extremely lucrative again for the reasons listed above. Most commercial spaces carry heavy expense for minimal luster, along with 5 year leases and heavy down deposits. This burden is reduced with this building option and you get to take advantage of everything the space has to offer, creating wonderful business advantages.

Overall, excellent building, door staff, maintenance, and management... Ideal place to work from, and great place to live no matter what stage of life you may be in and looking for a big city atmosphere, security, and easy access to everything.

Last updated: 12/19/2011

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