1615 Arbor Lane, Crest Hill, IL 60435
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01/17/2014Do NOT move into this apartment complex!!! It is not worth your money. All they care about is taking your money. In the spring and summer I had HUGE water bugs that looked like GIANT roaches! The entire place is really old and not kept up with very well. I have been living here for 10 months and I wanted to leave after 2 months. The apartments they show you DO NOT look like the ones they rent you. Of course, they show you the nicer apartments and then rent you a crappy one where everything is falling apart and ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/10/2013You are going to have to excuse the language but the truth is the truth. They arenot ----. All they worried about is your money. They steady going up on rent on apartments that not worth half of what you ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/16/2013Giving this place one star is honoring it. They ignore any maintenance issues with your home for as long as possible. When you leave they will try to extort every penny out of you regardless of how good of a ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/17/2013Reading reviews me and my bf were naive about them. We thought they were over exaggerated. But in all honesty they are true. Don't sister to the people saying that the apartments in front are ok. They are just as ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/03/2013Lived here gor a yr n half. I have had no major issues. Of course my naighbors are sometime noisy but nothing out of handor during. The week n if i ask the to quite down they do. Somtimes parking ... Full ReviewYES5.0
10/04/2012 This is the worst place I have ever lived in. There are...NO1.0
08/24/2012 This place is the worst. There are people standing in...NO1.0
08/20/2012 DO NOT MOVE HERE! The water quality is very low, as...NO1.0
07/09/2012 I lived in the Woodlands and my experience was OK. I...YES3.0
05/12/2012 The Woodlands of Crest Hill look great from outside....NO1.0
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Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments is an apartment community located in Crest Hill , IL . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Woodlands of Crest Hill Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Cedar Greens ( 0.4 miles), and Condominiums at Willow Falls ( 0.4 miles).

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