132 W Woodstock St, Crystal Lake, IL 60014
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10/27/2013This is by far one of the worst apartment communities I have ever had the displeasure to live in. I am not even sure how the city of Crystal Lake allows this place to operate within their borders. My apartment was NOT CLEANED BEFORE I MOVED IN. I cleaned it myself, and when I brought it to the attention of the leasing agent (Ilse) I was told I would receive a credit for cleaning. That credit came to about $25. So, basically I was told that my time was worth that little. There are full grown drain flies all over ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/23/2013I wouldn't recommend anyone live if you can afford something nicer. I was sold a 'renovated' apartment and although there have been upgrades I would hardly call this renovated. The cabinets were sprayed and new handles were put on - ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/16/2013Happy with our new apartment, large living room, decent size master bedroom and second bedroom balcony. Quiet neighborhood, everyone here has been nice, maintenance is good, and office staff is friendly. We really like our fireplace, and our apartment has ... Full ReviewYES4.0
10/26/2012I thought it would be good to hear from a male resident that has lived at these apartments for many years. I am a single, divorced man and it is just me and my dog Sam. I have a one ... Full ReviewYES4.0
05/09/2012I lived here and the worst part were the people around here are so MEAN AND RUDE! I have a little boy and couldn't let him outside because the kids were terrible and the parents did nothing the LandLord knows ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/29/2008 i have lived her for 6mths and i cant wqait to get out...NO1.0
12/16/2008 The property manager, Jaime, has been a very...YES5.0
12/15/2008 These apartments were built in the 60's, but...YES4.0
02/13/2008 Has gone to pot (and other drugs!) since manager moved...NO2.0
08/03/2007 My husband and I lived there for a year and it was...NO1.0
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Crystal Lake Apartments is an apartment community located in Crystal Lake , IL . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Crystal Lake Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Crystal Terrace Apartments ( 0.2 miles), and Villager Apartments ( 0.6 miles).

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