543 Charles Ave, Wood River, IL 62095
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05/15/2013This place is horrible, do not move here if you want repairs to be made in a timely manner, the office doesn't seem to care if your problems are resolved but they do expect the rent on time. So I urge anyone who is thinking of moving here to stay away. Don't put yourself through the hell I have been going through the last 3 months. ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/11/2013I've been living here for a year now and I have to say its not as bad as these reviews make it sound. Me and my boyfriend decided to sign another lease were going from a one bedroom to a ... Full ReviewYES3.0
08/28/2012It was my first place on my own with my husband and we were expecting our first born, moving in the place wasn't the best, drug dealers, neighbors who partied a lot, but we were on our own. On our ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/26/2011this place is absolutely dispicable, roaches, rodents, leaking roof for 4 months!!! this is a nightmare - DO NOT MOVE HERE, did some research and the management company is John Green Management Inc., if anyone lives there and needs help, ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/23/2011 Let me start off by saying that I could not wait to move out of this place! My lease was up in December of 09 and I literally was marking my calendar. I only stayed for one year. I'm going ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/13/2010 I lived in my apartment for almost 3 years... it seemed...NO1.0
07/22/2010 DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! They fix NOTHING unless it is...NO1.0
05/01/2009 The place was the worst I had ever rented. There were...NO1.0
07/30/2008 I have a friend who lives here, and I visit her...NO1.0
03/24/2008 I moved here in October 2007 and it was one of the...NO1.0
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Lafayette Square Apartments is an apartment community located in Wood River , IL . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Lafayette Square Apartments ( 0.0 miles), University Garden ( 0.1 miles), and Wood River Gardens ( 0.1 miles).

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