2011 North East Bay Drive, Greenfield, IN 46140
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07/10/2013Me and My husband was lived her for over 4 years and we had really bad experience the last 2 years. The office staff are really Rude . We asked for fixing the gargae locker when we rented the garage for 6 times but no body come to fix!!!! After we done our leasing, we got a letter said we have to pay the garage locker!!!!! What a hell!!!!! I won't recommend you live here unless you have tons of patience to play game with them. ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/31/2013The apartment is nice size, parking is inadequate, pool is too small for number of people living in apartment community, and every month you are required to pay for "pest" control to which I have killed 9 spiders after 2 ... Full ReviewYES3.0
01/25/2013They are great but the only problem I have is the pet fee is way to high to have a monthly fee as well. The parking is really bad if you get in after 500 at night good luck finding ... Full ReviewYES3.0
12/31/2012i have lived here for over a year and CAN NOT WAIT to get out of this HELL Hole. office people are Rude, has no parking for actual tenants to park in, just a horrible experience. when you walk into the ... Full ReviewNO2.0
12/30/2012Maintenance men are rude, office women are rude, with the exception of Penny. Poor insulation, bad about clearing ice off sidewalks around back apartments. Over priced for what you get. Dishwashers SUCK. Can hardly ever find a parking spot. Only ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/12/2012 I currently live here. The apartment is pretty nice and...YES4.0
10/22/2012 We moved in a couple of weeks ago, and I must...YES5.0
10/22/2012 My boyfriend and I moved into greenfield crossing...YES4.0
09/14/2012 I am currently living here. Moved in here in April. Been...NO3.0
06/18/2012 I recently moved out, after 4 years, due to my...YES5.0
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Greenfield Crossing Apartments is an apartment community located in Greenfield , IN . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Greenfield Crossing Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Broadway Village ( 1.0 miles), and Greenfield Village Apartments ( 1.0 miles).

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