1630 Saddle Way, Greenwood, IN 46143
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12/31/2013Parking is totally inadequate. Office constantly send reminders that only 1 car per apartment is allowed in the lot in front of the building with all others to park in overflow lot at end of street. They need to go to a system of stickers or tags. 1 per apartment, & if cars are parked in spaces without a permit, have them towed. There are cars that are parked for months without moving. Manager needs to follow through on parking warnings or do permits. Letters without consequences & follow through are just a waste of paper. ... Full ReviewNO2.0
12/31/2013don't live here!!!! several break in incidents occurred over a short amount of time at this apartment complex --- neighbors have changed a lot and not for the better --- really do ur research around greenwood area before considering this ... Full ReviewNO2.0
05/18/2013This has been the worst past year in my apartment living history, ever. If you value peaceful atmosphere and personal safety at all times, then avoid this complex at all costs. The first 6 months here were okay. Maybe even ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/02/2013My husband and I have had nothing but a good experience with Barton Farms. We've been there for about a year and a half and it's been great for an apartment. Price is great for the 2 bedroom 2 bathroom ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/09/2013I lived in barton farms for a year and decided to move. The office staff is very unprofessional and two faced. The maitnence guy that came to my home to fix my dishwasher his name was jack and he was ... Full ReviewNO3.0
11/23/2012 My wife and I lived here for about a year and a half. We...YES4.0
10/10/2012 Going to make this review simple: Pros: - After living...YES3.0
07/11/2011 Been here 6 years. Great staff, no managerial...YES3.0
06/14/2011 I have lived here for a couple of weeks and so far I...YES5.0
01/23/2011 For the price and the area, these apartments and...YES5.0
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Barton Farms is an apartment community located in Greenwood , IN . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Vencel Properties ( 0.2 miles), Franklin Apartments ( 0.2 miles), and Ulysses Apartments ( 0.3 miles).

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