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The Addison Apartments on Main
220 Portsmouth Court, Mishawaka, IN 46545
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I was happy to find an apartment with a fenced in patio area for my dog at a reasonable rent price. However, when I moved into my apartment the fence was falling apart as were the fences of my neighbors. The pickets were rotted and my dogs head kept getting stuck in the places where pickets were missing or snapped in half. There is a slight gopher infestation going on so my yard was full of dirt mounds and holes.I left messages on the answering machine every night for a week when the upstairs neighbors bath water would leak down into my bathroom, but I received no response. It took them 4 days to replace the light bulbs in our stairwell when they all burned out even tho several neighbors informed the office staff that it was pitch black coming in at night. The washing machines at the main office are alright but the dryers don't dry your clothes fully half the time, and costs $3 to wash and dry a load. I tried very hard to maintain the carpets during my stay because they stress that point and charge a lot if they have to replace carpeting when you leave, but was still charged a 130$ maid service fee after move-out because they felt the stove was too dirty. I spent several hours scrubbing that stove so it was a bit frustrating. Apparently the new policy is that when you leave, the apartment has to be move-in ready for someone else to move in the next day, which I think is ridiculous. Personally, I feel that cheap range hoods simply get dirty or show use over time and should be replaced but I tried to clean it anyway, yet that was not to their satisfaction. Our truck was broken into and the radio stolen even tho we parked right next to the main office, but it is Mishawaka so it happens I suppose. The Addison charges a whopping 575$ if you have to break your lease early. I have lived in 2 different Addison apartments and the walls are super thin. I can hear neighbors arguing and stomping around all the time. It is difficult to find a place that is as pet friendly as The Addison so it is unfortunate that the lack of customer service mainly is what drags the quality down. The staff is nice when you talk to them but you have to call repeatedly to get anything done and calls are rarely returned. There is a good amount of closet space in the apartment and if the office wasn't so disorganized due to being swamped with work then this place would be better. In the winter they do a good job of keeping the sidewalks cleared and salted.

Last Updated: 05/20/13
We rely on input from our residents to help us focus our efforts, and we're pleased to hear in this review about some of the things we're doing right. The fact that our community is pet-friendly, offers fenced patio areas, and is reasonably-priced are among the things that make us a top choice in the neighborhood. Our friendly and outgoing staff are another reason why our residents choose our community above others; and they do take great pride in keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice. That said, this resident certainly does seem to have been faced with some challenges; and we sincerely regret that due to the message being posted anonymously, we're unable to follow up on the specific concerns listed here to determine their merit. Please know that we do take feedback from our residents with the utmost seriousness; and if you're reading this review while your'e shopping for a new, reasonably-priced apartment home or one that will welcome your pet, we hope you won't allow one review to stand in the way of visiting personally, and giving us the opportunity to prove our commitment to quality, service, and the satisfaction of those who call our community their home. The Gene B Glick Company

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