125 E. Oldfield Lane, Muncie, IN 47303
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07/10/2011The office as well as the maintenance staff is great. Whenever I had a problem with something they were always there right away...never more than a days wait. My short stay was during most of the winter months and the parking lot and sidewalks were always plowed and shoveled to keep everyone safe. The apartment itself is very nice inside and outside. The thing I really enjoyed was the large patio/deck area, which also included outside storage as well as an overhang onto the patio/deck area. Kitchen space is OK, it would have been nice to have a pantry. The ... Full ReviewYES5.0
01/26/2011I have been living at Walnut Manor for a year now. When I first came here it was mainly becuase they were the only people I could find open. Creekside and WoodsEdge never had anyone in the office and I ... Full ReviewYES5.0
04/17/2010I have lived her for about 9 months now and I haven't had much of a problem. I would guess that the people who are complaining have probably had problems paying rent and been kicked out. I talk to others ... Full ReviewYES4.0
03/31/2010its funny how the manager gets on here and writes reviews about how its changed and its a better place to live when nothing has changed at all...whoever owns this place really needs to look at the type of ppl ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/09/2010I have lived at Walnut Manor now for a little over 1 year. When I moved in, things were not horrible, but I am happy to say that Walnut Manor is finally under new management!! I absolutely love my 2 ... Full ReviewYES5.0
08/29/2009 I honestly do not know what has happened to this place...NO1.0
08/11/2009 I have never had so many problems, I've lived in...NO1.0
07/12/2009 Ok....I see that a few have decided to write a...NO2.0
05/09/2009 This place is the ghetto, the roofs leak, the...NO1.0
09/17/2008 I lived at Walnut Manor for almost 3yrs, recently...YES4.0
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Walnut Manor Apartments is an apartment community located in Muncie , IN . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Foxbrook Apartments ( 0.1 miles), Skyway ( 0.2 miles), and Hillcroft Apartments ( 0.5 miles).

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