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  One bedroom Bowling Green apartments currently rent for $466 to $681 per month. Bowling Green renters report average rents are up $42 per month this year.  

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Fairways at Hartland
850 Wilkinson Trace, Bowling Green, KY 42103
Dec 23, 2013 - vm13lacm said:
I moved here from another state, and while yes the prices are a little high, these apartments are very nice looking and the view is awesome. I came from a Military post so hearing the planes / choppers is not a big deal although I can see how it can annooy people that would not be used to it. Sometimes you can hear some neighbors are they come and go but the ones you hear are the ones ...Full review of Fairways at Hartland
Rated Good:MaintenanceGroundsSafetyOffice Staff
20 Reviews
100% Recommended
Village Green Apartments
1132 Fairview Avenue, Bowling Green, KY 42103
May 31, 2012 - said:
Please I need an apartment only for one month. In jun/jul. I prefer with furniture.. Thanks!!!!! ...Full review of Village Green Apartments
Rated Good:Office StaffMaintenanceGroundsSafety
According to 100% of reviewers large dogs are allowed According to 100% of reviewers small dogs are allowed
5 Reviews
100% Recommended
Royal Arms / Bowling Green
890 Fairview, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Jun 6, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
I could not be happier with living here! This is a quiet complex with lovely neighbors. There is a fair amount of older tenants which really keep the places looking nice and quiet. I cannot hear my neighbors through the walls/floor at all. There office staff is very friendly and helpful. The one month I happened to be out of town and forgot to pay my rent they gave me a courtesy call because it ...Full review of Royal Arms / Bowling Green
Rated Good:SafetyOffice StaffMaintenanceParking
2 Reviews
100% Recommended
Ogden Place Apartments
1722 Chestnut St, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Mar 1, 2012 - Cecil_Ann said:
I moved to Ogden Place after graduating college at the beginning of my professional career. I spent over two years here in a one bedroom. It is a very quiet and safe complex. The property is managed by a wonderful couple who are quick to act if I had a concern. The rent is very affordable and the location is perfect. Parking is never a hassle. I am moving to a new town and am sad to leave Ogden ...Full review of Ogden Place Apartments
Rated Good:ParkingMaintenanceSafetyOffice Staff
1 Review
100% Recommended
Clover Court
2050 Clover Court, Bowling Green, KY 42101
Feb 11, 2010 - GrangerOtter said:
I love living here except our neighbors are constantly parking in front of our door. You are supposed to take the 2 spots in front of your door, but I guess this concept is lost on some. The apartments are very nice looking, and they do include a dishwasher and washer/dryer hook-ups. It's 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths. There's a nice deck out back too. It's lacking in ...Full review of Clover Court
Rated Good:Office StaffMaintenanceParking
Rated Bad:Noise
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Campus Pointe

recommend:YES | rating:5.00 says: A good place to live. The clubhouse is full of cheerful colors and a fun staff that was always helpful when I lived at the property. As a student I liked it because I got free internet, cable and free tanning and a free gym. My dog liked living at the property too :) ..full review of Campus Pointe

Western Green Apartments

recommend:YES | rating:5.00
-Anonymous- says: This is a nice community and we really have enjoyed it so far. I see some of these other reviews and cant but to say There is definitely more to the story im sur because we have not had any of those problems here. The staff is great and they keep the place up. RAeally like it . Thank you! ..full review of Western Green Apartments

Cave Mill Apartments

recommend:NO | rating:2.00
-Anonymous- says: Cant wait to move out!! The staff tell you all you want to hear just to get you in. Then they will do anything to get every penny out of you. I would not recommend this apartment complex to anyone! Prices are way too high for what is offered. Gym doesnt work most of the time they always keep ..full review of Cave Mill Apartments

Western Green Apartments

recommend:YES | rating:5.00
-Anonymous- says: if YOU HAVE ROACHES THEN ITS BECAUSE YOUR NASTY.... EXSPECIALLY TO HAVE THEM FOR ALMOST A YEAR .... YOUR JUST NASTY !!! ..full review of Western Green Apartments

Western Green Apartments

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: I have lived in Western Ghetto for about a year now. Besides for the roaches and all the welfare people, the price is good. Granted, it is all ------, and thugs, it is a cheap place to life. If you want to move here just make sure to get you a can of roach spray. ..full review of Western Green Apartments

Western Green Apartments

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: Very ghetto. My car has been broken into twice. Everyone who lives here is on section 8. Full o f white trash and -------. Apartments are run down and the heat and air conditioner Dont do not workwell. My. Neighbors are always fighting and the police are here every other day. Theb whole area is ..full review of Western Green Apartments

Western Green Apartments

recommend:YES | rating:4.00
-Anonymous- says: I like it.... nice to be older..... just saying! ..full review of Western Green Apartments

Western Green Apartments

recommend:YES | rating:5.00
-Anonymous- says: I lived here and think it was a great place to live. I recently left to go into the Marine Corp. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a decent, clean place to live. The staffers were very nice and professional and willing to help me out if they could. Really a nice place ..full review of Western Green Apartments

Chandler Park

recommend:YES | rating:5.00 says: Great living,great apartments ,girls from the office are great .Now Im living in Nashville and I miss Chandler Park apartments.Really ,such a big spase building is new ,huge closets ,bathrooms beautifull.I have never seen any bug or something like that.Can't hear anything ..full review of Chandler Park

Campus Pointe

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: the management at this complex is highly unresponsive and only interested in nickle and diming you. they take advantage of the students that live here. highly recommend considering a different property for off campus housing. ..full review of Campus Pointe

Campus Pointe

recommend:NO | rating:3.00
-Anonymous- says: I would advise any wku students to not rent from Campus Pointe! Worse apartment ever! ..full review of Campus Pointe

Western Place Apartments

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: This is the absolute worst place I've ever lived in my life. The hot water never last long if you shower you have to shower for five minutes. They don't fix anything, the water pressure sucks. The carpet stinks. The kitchen sinks smell horrible. Just a large disappointment, I ..full review of Western Place Apartments

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