100 Claysville Lndg, Elizabethtown, KY 42701
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04/21/2014In the last 20 years I have not been able to find such a wonderful place with a very professional and attentive staff as it is Claysville Landing. I occupied an upstair vaulted ceiling two bedroom apartment and along with cable and internet included in the rent, I was paying $961.00 a month. The apartment work order crew are constantly on top of issues and maintaining the grounds in an excellent manner. The complex is within walking distance of Freeman Lake trails which I treasured as I have never had a rental property that was close to a lake. You ... Full ReviewYES5.0
01/10/2014My employer transferred my position to Kentucky and I was only given one week to find a place to live. I moved to Claysville Landing on a temporary basis while waiting for a job transfer elsewhere, so I figured I ... Full ReviewNO2.0
08/05/2013Had a very good experience living in Claysville Landing. Everyone minds their own business, felt very safe, and loved the dog park for our dog. ... Full ReviewYES5.0
06/05/2013Claysville apartments are the best that I have ever lived in. I have lived in 5 other apartment in the last 20 years and I know top quality when i see it. The front personnel have the best attitude towards ... Full ReviewYES5.0
04/30/2013Ok, let me just set the record straight real quick on this Claysville complex. I've seen some good reviews on here which is awesome, then I see people on here talking about negative things that might have happened 3 years ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/17/2013 O my God...I lived at this place back 2010..And let me...NO1.0
04/08/2013 My husband, and I have lived at Claysville for 5...YES5.0
03/06/2013 My husband and I lived at Claysville Landing for just...YES5.0
02/28/2013 I have never rented a apartments before due to the horry...YES3.0
02/26/2013 WOW!Claysville Landing Apartment Suites by far are the...YES3.0
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Claysville Landing Apartment Suites is an apartment community located in Elizabethtown , KY . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Dolphin Hills ( 2.1 miles), Raleigh Drive Townhomes ( 2.1 miles), and Rolling Ridge Apartments ( 15.3 miles).

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