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Apartment Ratings and Reviews in Hopkinsville, KY

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44%City Average
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Campbell Place Apartments (formerly Driftwood)

1900 Denzil Drive, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

08/20/14 by anonymous: MG, a new company and a new manager!! How many times are they going to switch companies and management? Okay a new manager is on board ummm she is no better then the last manager, she sits in the office all day, from what I can tell she has no ideal what's going on in these apartments. The only time you see her is when she is smoking a cigarette , she is rude, she has and. Attitude, the more


Canterbury Apartments

217 Village Green Street, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

01/30/13 by anonymous: DO NOT LIVE HERE. Sure, it's affordable and seems nice at first for the price. But you get what you pay for! My apartment is constantly crawling with insects...spiders in my bed, in the tub, crawling in from a hole in the carpet that leads outside. It's just disgusting. Landlady is very nice, but we have been accused of multiple things just because some neighbors say so. more


Morris Estates Apartments

452 Sivley Road, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

06/13/13 by anonymous: I have been here for almost a year and its horrible the old maintenance guy was an idiot argued with my wife all the time tried telling me that there is no ground in a GFI which stands for ground fault indicator and my dad was an electrician and my father in law has his own company do not move into this place rents outrageous for what you get its cheaper for a house plus one of the office ladies more


Greenway Place Apartments

826 North Elm Street, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

05/25/14 by anonymous: These are nice apartments and very specious. The only thing is the landlord is very nosey and she goes around telling people your business she talks to other tenets about what's going on on your household. I would not recommend you to move here I'm trying to say you the headache more


Mason's Pointe Apartments

830 North Elm Street, Hopkinsville, KY 42240

05/25/14 by anonymous: Very nice the only thing is the landlord is the same for greenway as well she is very rude, and sneaky. I wanted the number to the person over her since she is not easy to get along with she will find all type of excuses not to give you that number I had to ask around for it but finically have it the landlord is well known and people will tell that's a mistake for moving over here the reason more

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