425 West Ormsby Avenue, Louisville, KY 40203
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02/25/2014If you like incapable and rude management this is the place to be. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and may think mine is wrong. Constant bedbugs, roaches and filthy hallways. Manager is clueless and is always saying I will get back to you but never does. I have never seen such improper management, saying things will get better. All trade is so unskilled it is not even funny. Drug dealers, prostitutes, that is a few things I have noticed in my short tenure. So if you like being told lies come on down and experience it firsthand. NO ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/31/2014I've been here since July 2013 and I heard bad things about the place. I love living here it's to not far from downtown or UofL. It's an older building, so of course there will be maintenance issues, but the ... Full ReviewYES3.0
10/25/2013I highly, highly recommend you don't live here. Pros: Laundry room on-site, a few exercise machines in the building, staff is nice, great area Cons: My apartment when I moved in was filthy. I can't even explain how filthy it was. The ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/24/2013The lease says "as of this time, this place is bed bug free"... LIE! My place was infested. I had to throw away my 700 dollar mattress. I saw mattresses by the dumpster weekly and also pest trucks frequently. It's ... Full ReviewNO2.0
09/24/2013Oh this place is ridiculous. I moved in july25th and I will be leaving at the end f the month. Bedbugs galore which was the fault of the tenant next door and they refuse to act properly. There are flies ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/03/2013 The Mayflower units provide you with more financial...YES5.0
07/02/2013 The Mayflower Apartments is my princess building. this...YES5.0
07/01/2013 I moved to the Mayflower in 2010. Here is an assessment...YES3.0
06/15/2013 No Apt. Pix Cause Theyre So NASTY! I rented this apt...NO1.0
05/22/2013 Roaches, BedBugs Everywhere. Ovens leak gas. Mold on...NO1.0
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Mayflower Apartments is an apartment community located in Louisville , KY .

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