8100 Pines Road, Shreveport, LA 71129
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07/29/2013I have lived here since April of 2012. At first, it was decent and quiet. But more and reallymore, neighbors are outside at all hours screaming. There's a pothead next to us and we smell it through the wall! I see drug deals going on all around the place, including the building in front of us! The staff is nice and good but there's really nothing they can do unless the cops catch them in the act! So I called the cops the next time I smelt the marijuana from next door, they DROVE BY AND LEFT!! End of last ... Full ReviewNO3.0
06/20/2013I do not recommend this place to a dog!!...I lived her for 6months and has had constant maintenance issues with my air it goes out every two days they do not try and compensate you in any kind of way ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/17/2012This place is horrible after living here for 1 month I am ready to move. I am going to pay the $800 to break the lease. You pay to much rent to live in this junk. After one week toilet ... Full ReviewNO3.0
06/30/2012Terrible. Worst place I've ever stayed in my life.. Not pet friendly.. Maintenance is terrible. My air is constantly broke and it's extremely hot in the apartment. After a yr of staying here they jack the price up. Wouldnt recommend ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/19/2011This place is really horrible, the toilet kept backing up. The place is so noisy, I don't know how I ever got a full night's sleep! The air conditioner was broken. My electricity bill was unbelievible because the building was ... Full ReviewNO1.0
06/10/2011 This place sucks! I have had to many issues to really...NO1.0
12/01/2010 I recently returned from overseas and figured that...NO1.0
03/26/2010 I have lived here only a month and still do not have a...NO1.0
02/13/2010 I have lived here for almost a year. The staff is...YES3.0
11/26/2008 At first it seemed like a nice, quiet apartment...NO1.0
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Willow Trace Apartments is an apartment community located in Shreveport , LA . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Foxborough Cove ( 0.1 miles), Fox Trail Apartments ( 1.2 miles), and Westwood Village ( 1.3 miles).

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