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MV24 Lofts
24 Mount Vernon Street, Lynn, MA 01901
Sep 9, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
My husband, my dog and I, unfortunately, have been living in this building for 3 years. The management company is a total disaster plus the quality of the apartment itself leaves a lot to desire- thin walls, cheap finishes, etc). Our neighbor is loud (parties a lot, listens to music extremely loud, etc) and smokes weed every single day. According to the management ...Full review of MV24 Lofts
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Rated Bad:Maintenance
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Windjammer Cove Apartments
69 Lynnway, Lynn, MA 01902
Sep 14, 2006 - cggirl said:
We moved here 9/2001 and moved 10/2003. He will serve you a "notice to quit" if you are late on your rent by 1 day. If you have a problem w/ your unit, you are out of luck. No one to fix it. There was a nice super by the name of Kenney, but he was so overwhelmed. The plus side was the unit wasn't so bad, nice hw floors and a great view and it was cheap. It took 60 ...Full review of Windjammer Cove Apartments
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International Realty Corporation
89 Lewis St, Lynn, MA 01902
Aug 7, 2012 - -Anonymous- said:
These people suck.. They say they care about their tentants, but they really dont. you call and call and call to view apartments and they never call you back. So unprofessional. I agree with everyone else, they only care about the money. Parking sucked and the driers in the basement NEVER worked. None of the people there seem like they care for anyone, just as long as they got their ...Full review of International Realty Corporation
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Rated Bad:ParkingOffice Staff
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Harbor Loft Apartments
7 Liberty Sq, Lynn, MA 01901
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