33 Maple St, Malden, MA 02148
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 9/1/2009
Years at this apartment: 2007 - 2009
I would never live at 33 Maple St. even if it was free. First off, there is a problem with bed bugs and mice. When I first discovered the bed bugs in my apartment, I asked the "management" to send an exterminator. They told me that I was the only one with the bed bug problem and I brought them in and I would have to pay for the exterminator myself. I then informed her that the landlord was legally responsible for keeping an apartment free from infestation. She still refused to get an exterminator. After reporting her to the health department she immediately changed her tune and had to get an exterminator. I have talked to a lot of people in that building that have bed bugs. I threw out all of my furniture and most of my possessions that couldn't be cleaned because I didn't want to bring bed bugs with me when I moved.
You can hear mice running through the paper thin walls all night. I have witnessed several mice in my unit during my horrible stay in this apartment.
As far as the building, people leave bags of garbage in the hallway, The dumpsters overflow with trash. The neighbors are loud and make noise all hours of the night.
Any time I had a problem with a repair, it would take forever and I would get blamed for it.
In the winter, forget about using the parking lot unless you have 4 wheel drive. It takes a long time for the snow to get removed, and when it is shoveled it is never salted....ALWAYS icy like a skating rink.
They also have gone into my apartment while I wasn't home and placed mail on my table without permission to enter. They withheld my key deposit just like others.
I would never ever rent here again. I am so happy to be out of that place and feel bad for anyone that has to live there.

Last updated: 9/2/2009

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