4701 Willard Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
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Last fall, we announced a building modernization plan for 4701 Willard. Our goal since we assumed management of the community in April 2012 has been to restore it and recapture its grandeur. We are... Continued...

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04/19/2014I have lived in four countries and four different states in the US, this is the most awful building I have ever been in: The elevators are more often than not out of service. Try and put a request for maintenance, you will have to stay home to make sure that the work is done correctly, because if you don't you can be sure that nothing will be fixed correctly, even after several requests and precise instructions. The small gym was closed without any thought of offering tenants a temporary pass to one of the many nearby gyms. Try and ask ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/19/2014I have lived in this building for 47 years and I enjoy my home. I was very unhappy when the new company purchased this building from a very renowned family almost 2 years ago. At first I hated the new ... Full ReviewYES4.0
01/25/2014I've been a tenant at the Willard for many many years. I love the staff especially ----. She has made such an impression on me and a few of my girlfriends/neighbors. The renovations can be loud and dusty, but absolutely ... Full ReviewYES4.0
12/12/2013The most awful building I have ever been in! If you enjoy the endless noise of construction, the smell of diapers, the constant fear of break ins and overall bad treatment this is the place for you. Good job Equity! PS ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/11/2013I'm giving you my sincere, honest warning against renting an apartment here. If you are still considering 4701 Willard, just drop in without an appointment so you can feel the real condition. Listen to the noise, smell the dust and ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/08/2013 Incredible construction noise and dust will be...NO1.0
11/05/2013 Don't move here if you value your health and...NO1.0
09/13/2013 Are you ready to laugh?? Check out all the fake ratings...NO1.0
09/03/2013 Yes there are negative reviews and positive ones. The...NO1.0
08/28/2013 DO NOT LIVE HERE. Please do yourselves a favor and live...NO1.0
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4701 Willard is an apartment community located in Chevy Chase , MD .

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