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Regency Square Apartments
1926 Rochelle Avenue, Forestville, MD 20746
3 User Responses

This is the worst place I have ever lived. The grounds are dirty with trash, and dumpters overflowing with trash. The hallways and laundry rooms are dirty, with trash floors are dirty. This complex is really declining,to embrassed to have company over because it so dirty. The rent is high, you get nothing for your money. Management dosen't see, to care,all they care about is collecting the rent money. Don't be fooled by the advistment, the pool has not been opened for the last two summers. The summers are the worst people hanging out in the door ways, and the trash smells do to the heat. I often see mouse drippings in the hallway. Will be moving when my lease is up. Don't know why this completed has declined so fast,wasn't like this when I moved in.

Last Updated: 01/27/13
The management does not respond to your concerns in a timely fashion. The air conditioning would always stop working! The maintenance workers would have to replace with fuses. The air would go out constantly! The maintenance men broke into my apartment within a couple of months residing here. The neighbors saw them entering my apartment when away for the weekend. The management does not care about these apartments! These apartments have not been upgraded since they were built! The maintenance men broke into my apartment within a couple of months of residing here. The neighbors saw the maintenance men entering when I was away for the weeken. My apartment was broken into by the maintenance men within a couple of moving. The neighbors seen them going in the apartment
ok that was just a test.. Im a resident in 1932.. trust and believe when u want something done go above them. My family member resides at complex also.. she even recievd $200 off for not having hot water.. All it takes is a letter and a phone call
yes tell me about it.. HOTTTTTT mess

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