10701 Brookmeade Circle, Williamsport, MD 20765
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07/05/2013Individuals and families who value cleanliness, safety and reasonable peace and quiet....BEWARE and steer clear. Dog feces throughout the grounds by large-breed dogs that are permitted on lease, loud vehicles that mgmt claims to not be able to do anything about, loitering in front of buildings and property by non-residents, frequent police activity, trash found in hallways and around grounds (Maint. tries to keep up with trash that the "finer" residents throw around). Ceilings and floors are paper thin. You hear everything your upstairs and downstairs neighbors are doing...including having to hear the "intimate moments". Spacious apartments at a good ... Full ReviewNO2.0
06/13/2013I wish I would have known how ghetto and poorly managed this complex was prior to moving in and signing a lease. I am a young professional who takes pride in my personal and home appearance! Unlike most who live ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/14/2013The place looks good and seemed like it would be a nice place to live but the walls are paper thin. The kids destroy your property and no one cares. There is never anyone in the office. They say the ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/14/2013And how many people did they pay to have them say so many great things about the Brookmeade apartments?? Did they give you a rent discount or tell you they would give you a month free rent. Things have not ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/02/2013We came to USA in 1991. We lived several places including Waller Texas, Washington DC, and Rockville Maryland. The last place we lived was in our home in Rockville. We are religious, love family oriented neighbourhood, children, animals, and social ... Full ReviewYES5.0
02/01/2013 I have lived in Brookmeade Apartments for almost a year...YES5.0
01/29/2013 This is my second year renting here and I love the...YES3.0
06/28/2012 A lot of people are complaining about things that are a...YES3.0
06/13/2012 I have no idea where to begin.. lets start with when I...NO1.0
04/29/2012 Only good thing about this place is the big...NO2.0
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Brookmeade Apartments is an apartment community located in Williamsport , MD .

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