5235 Horizon Drive, Battle Creek, MI 49015
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 8/16/2012
Years at this apartment: 2012 - 2012
I will begin by saying that the apartment we lived in (2br/2ba) was very spacious and comfortable. However the environment and the office staff and obsurd "rules" are what make the experience rotten. Both ladies in the front office are extremely rude and never seem to be welcoming like they should be. Notices would be pinned to the door regularly stating things that aren't accepted and how things should be done correctly. Examples like, not grilling on balconies but 10 ft from the building on the ground, fireworks not permitted on the property, etc. Those were acceptable and clearly stated within the lease. It's the fact that when someone was clearly disobeying these terms within the lease that nothing was done about it. However, absurd rules that seemed to be made up just because they were bored would be inforced...things that aren't hurting anyone or damaging property. Children are constantly without supervision riding their bikes or running in the parking lot swerving in and out of cars. I've seen multiple times cars getting hit or scraped, mine included. Even with a fomal complaint and proper evidence nothing was ever done about it. My husband and I both witnessed other tenants shooting fireworks at people vehicles parked in the lot. When we reported it to the front office, Melissa's response was, "oh it's somebody just trying to be funny." Yeah really funny! Regardless, next time we called the police and they investigated and the front office still never followed through. Anyway, I am done with my rant. The apartments themselves are beautiful. The front office is terrible, the internet service cut in and out often which is a pain for a college student, and the parking is a joke. I wouldn't recommend this apartment complex. For the price you are paying you are limited to walking in and out of your apartment unless you want to get warnings 24/7.
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