745 Burcham Drive, East Lansing, MI 48823
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From: kaylah2208@gmail.com
Date posted: 7/9/2011
Years at this apartment: 2010 - 2010
Ha, where do I start?? First off, my boyfriend and I pay 750/mo to live in a one bedroom apt. We only got to see the model apt when signing our lease, and were promised that the paint, carpet, and closet structure were EXACTLY the same. On move in day our apartment reaked of cat piss and mold. Our closet structure was broken and basically consisted of glued together unpainted ply wood. I have never had allergies until I moved in here. The bathroom floor is black with mold. Our ceiling and walls have about 50 coats of white paint that has been chipping since we moved in. The ceilings also have burn marks above the store, water damage in our bedroom. The AC unit is a window unit that has never blown out cool air. We have consistently called maintanance this summer, and have yet to see anyone attempt to correct the problem. Our carpet...wow, this one may be the worst. It smells like cat piss. NO matter how many times you shampoo it, it always comes back.

People said in previous posts that the heat is expensive. they do offer free heat these days, but it is controlled by the main boiler. So, if you're happy with living in 65 degrees in the middle of winter this place is for you. Be weary of the early spring heat waves...If its nice out on a Friday, they shut the boiler down and you can't get your apartment warm until Monday morning when maintanance comes in to turn the boiler back on.

We now have a new property manager who is definitely money movitivated. We've had a lot of surprise fees the past two months show up on our monthly rent ledger...Like a new mailbox key that we never requested, or maintanance jobs that now require charges.. She doesn't attempt to be friendly either. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone!!
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