214 South Hewitt, Ypsilanti, MI 48197
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12/04/2013This is my first year here and this is what I can tell you so far: The apartment itself is a nice big size, with adequate living space, bedroom space, kitchen space, and storage. The balcony is also a good size and offers privacy from other balconies. My apartment was in decent shape when I moved in, certainly livable conditions. The management staff is extremely friendly and pleasant to deal with. The parking lot has plenty of parking spaces and is almost always cleared of snow in the winter in time for me to need to leave for work in the ... Full ReviewYES3.0
11/05/2013Moved in 11 months ago, cannot wait to get out of my lease, lose your keys anytime after 5 you can't get in without paying for a locksmith, maintenance is horrible can't get things fixed, walls are paper thin, whole ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/12/2012I lived here a few years. Tenants and staff are horrendous. They don't fix anything right, don't return phone calls, walls a paper thin, you can hear neighbors every move. They have rented to tenants who do drugs, steal from ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/23/2012I have lived here at Fairway Trails for 3 going on 4 years now. I stay in a 2 bedroom on the 3rd floor. I will try to give the good and bad. Good When I 1st moved in I was worried ... Full ReviewYES3.0
10/06/2008While the apartments COULD BE nice, the company that currently owns this apartment complex is completely ridiculous about late charges, and seems to be too cheap to hire proper security or apartment lockout services. On late charges--If there is a ... Full ReviewNO2.0
09/02/2008 There has been quite a few robberies in the little time...NO2.0
06/30/2008 I have lived here at Fairway Trails for almost a year...YES4.0
05/02/2007 My husband and I moved here for convience mainly with...NO2.0
04/27/2007 This place has been a really great place. There's...YES4.0
08/29/2006 I lived at Fairway Trails for 2 years and I experienced...NO1.0
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Fairway Trails is an apartment community located in Ypsilanti , MI . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Meadows Apartments ( 0.4 miles), Cobble Creek ( 0.4 miles), and Roundtree Aparmtent Homes (formerly Woods of Roundtree) ( 0.7 miles).

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