1701 69th Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55430
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04/18/2014This place has gone through 4 maintenance men in the past 2 years. They have promised to fix things in my apartment yet always seem to put it off. The grounds are disgusting. People use the place as a dumping gound. Other's who live there throw garbage around with the greatest disrepect to all. I have found human feces, vomit, used condoms, broken glass along with other disgusting items. I really feel bad for the caretakers who have to clean up the crap around this building. This place has also gone through 3 managers in the past 2 years. They ... Full ReviewNO2.0
02/03/2014I have a better opportunity to know the new management team with satisfactory results. This new team is building customer relationships, foster loyalty and engagement with the residents. I have been living here since 2005 or 2006, and Jeff's was ... Full ReviewYES5.0
10/09/2013I love it so far wish the backyard had a little park for the kids because there's a lot of kids here but overall I love it!!! Love the building,love my apt the two and a half bathroom's I just ... Full ReviewYES4.0
06/16/2013Okay another people don't care who live here!! The caretaker's and maintenance, do great job and more!! It's others problems and issues that make it difficult at times!! ... Full ReviewNO2.0
09/29/2011I do NOT recommend this property! The building NEEDS to be condemned by the city! There is mice in walls-black mold- and roaches! They need to tear down and rebuild entire building! The staff is not horrible but the landlord ... Full ReviewNO3.0
08/04/2009 I finally moved away from EBF and have a few stories to...NO1.0
03/09/2009 There's mice EVERYWHERE, the management never...NO1.0
09/25/2007 I've lived here for several years and I can not...NO1.0
04/23/2007 I lived in Earle Brown for 5 years and it was horrific....NO1.0
03/27/2007 we lived at the earle brown farms complex for two...NO3.0
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Earle Brown Farm Apartments is an apartment community located in Minneapolis , MN . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Carrington Drive Apartments ( 0.1 miles), Georgetown Park Townhouses ( 0.8 miles), and Melrose Gates Apartments ( 0.9 miles).

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