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Columbia Apartments 56 Columbia Apartments have received 828 ratings and reviews by Columbia, MO renters. View apartments in Columbia below.
  One bedroom Columbia apartments currently rent for $548 to $702 per month. Columbia renters report average rents are down $13 per month this year.  


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University Place Apartments
1205 University Avenue Suite 1000, Columbia, MO 65201
Nov 29, 2011 - -Anonymous- said:
University Place is a great place to live. Although it is old, and not really cosmetically the nicest place, it works great for students. It is close to campus, rent is affordable, and everything is included. You can't find that anywhere. We have had some problems with our apartment, such as issues with the heater, and the ceiling, but the staff here is so ...Full review of University Place Apartments
Rated Good:Office StaffMaintenanceSafetyParking
21 Reviews
100% Recommended
Kittyhawk Manor
1615 Kittyhawk Drive, Columbia, MO 65202
May 15, 2013 - MsInfiniteEyes said:
I LOVE Kittyhawk, SO much. The entire staff is very professional, and awesome! In every situation we have had with the management, they have taken care of us! Maintenance is always done fast and well! The floor plans are very spacious, and about 160$ cheaper in price than anywhere else in Columbia (at the time I was searching at least)They got back to us about our about our ...Full review of Kittyhawk Manor
Rated Good:MaintenanceParkingGroundsOffice Staff
17 Reviews
100% Recommended
Providence Hill Townhomes
2315 South Providence Road, Columbia, MO 65203
Sep 17, 2013 - kaydenp said:
Overall I have loved living with DBC Rentals (the company that runs these apartments). Besides my 2011-2013 stint, I lived with them at another location from 2007-2010. After living away from them for a year, I decided to come back. Once it was all said and done, I paid about the same to stay with DBC as I did with another place that was much further from town. Yes, the rent ...Full review of Providence Hill Townhomes
Rated Good:MaintenanceSafetyOffice StaffNoise
14 Reviews
100% Recommended
Broadway Apartments
2309 West Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203
Nov 27, 2011 - kmc4vb said:
I have live in Lake Broadway Townhomes since 2007. Kurt (the owner) has always worked with me and taken care of any issues promptly. You won't find a better place to live in Columbia. ...Full review of Broadway Apartments
Rated Good:SafetyConstructionGrounds
10 Reviews
100% Recommended
Providence Court Apartments
5011 S. Providence Road, Columbia, MO 65203
Feb 14, 2013 - kafeguy said:
Providence Court Townhouses and Apartments is a great place to lived. I liver here as a working professional in Columbia and never had a problem with the apartment. The front desk staff, as others have said, are absolutely amazing. They clearly care about both the tenants and the property. The townhouses are big and I never felt like I lived in a small place. The bedrooms are decent ...Full review of Providence Court Apartments
Rated Good:Office StaffMaintenanceNoiseParking
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Gateway at Columbia

recommend:YES | rating:5.00
-Anonymous- says: This place is nice plus its by all kinds of shopping centers and restaurants and close to Mizzou. ..full review of Gateway at Columbia

Four Winds Villages

recommend:NO | rating:3.00
-Anonymous- says: Stay away from these apartments, the design is flawed, you will never get the 1st floor warm enough, the vents are on the celing, paid over $750 in electricity in Dec-Jan...STAY AWAY ..full review of Four Winds Villages

Grindstone Canyon

recommend:YES | rating:4.00
-Anonymous- says: Overall, my roommates and I like the complex. Compared to other apartment complexes, we believe ours is pretty average in quality but our apartment is definitely more spacious. We haven't had any major problems and maintenance fixes things pretty quickly. Our major complaint is ..full review of Grindstone Canyon

Grindstone Canyon

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
student099 says: I would never recommend this apartment complex to anyone. The staff was rude and ill-informed, the management changed and our lease was called into question, there was puke on the walkways constantly...I am so happy I moved. ..full review of Grindstone Canyon

The Greens at Columbia

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
Thegreenscomosucks says: My apartment was infested with spiders. They casually leave out the fact that the property is zoned section 8 housing and crime is high when you tour. My deposit was not returned because I "only" gave 28 days notice of moving out despite the fact that the lease ended on my move out date ..full review of The Greens at Columbia

Four Winds Villages

recommend:YES | rating:5.00
-Anonymous- says: I've lived here for three years and love it!! Great location, extremely quiet and private. Charllee in the office is amazing as a manager and a great person to visit with! Always available and keeps us informed. Grounds are well maintained in the winter and the grass is always groomed! ..full review of Four Winds Villages

The Pointe at Rock Quarry Park

recommend:YES | rating:4.00
-Anonymous- says: I haven't had many complaints. ..full review of The Pointe at Rock Quarry Park

Kelly's Ridge

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
Dutts says: DO NOT rent an apartment here. They do not work with you if you have to leave for any emergency. They charge 3 months rent and on top of that if you don't give a 1 month notice period they charge you for one additional month. They have the most ridiculous policy, they don't allow you ..full review of Kelly's Ridge

Campus Lodge

recommend:YES | rating:4.00
-Anonymous- says: I lived at Campus Lodge for one year, and moved only because my fiance and I wanted a 2 bedroom. I enjoyed the complex and didn't have any problems there. I recommend it to anyone looking to get out of the dorms but still likes the group events. I didn't have any of the move out ..full review of Campus Lodge

Deer Valley Apartments

recommend:YES | rating:5.00 says: I haven't lived here for long, but I've loved it. Maintenace is great, parking can get a little crowded but it's an apartment complex, that's to be expected. Same with noise.. yes, we can hear others washing machines and such, but that happens when living so ..full review of Deer Valley Apartments

Timber Ridge
(formerly Southampton Villas)

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: BROWN RECLUSE INFESTATION. The staff will not do anything about it other than spray. Which doesn't completely eliminate the spiders. Staff is also aggressive and rude. Save your money and time and do NOT live here. ..full review of Timber Ridge (formerly Southampton Villas)

Kelly's Ridge

recommend:NO | rating:2.00
-Anonymous- says: As others have stated apts. are somewhat nice, electric is very high compared to other places i have lived in columbia. Parking is a big issue. As far as age they will let college kids live there if parents co-sign. Noisy at times, security is a joke, maint. is also a joke. Be prepared ..full review of Kelly's Ridge

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