3800 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, MO 64154
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From: Suckrdin
Date posted: 5/20/2008
Years at this apartment: 2007 - 2008
I've lived at Barclay Club for over a year and am truly disappointed. The neighbors here are loud and party until the wee hours of the morning. Trash is constantly left outside apartment doors for days at a time. Seems residents have a hard time finding the one trash receptacle which itself is constantly overflowing. It's especially nice when the cats and rodents get into the trash and drag it all over. As an added niceity, the entryways are continuously adorned with beer cans and cigarette butts.

As for the ammenities, half the time the gym equipment is unusable by more than one person at a time because all the pins for the weights seem to be missing. The wonderful sauna they have has not worked since I've lived here. And as for the tanning beds? They're old and cracked and not very well maintained. The pool is always crowded and they have ONE grill on the entire property for tenant use.

As far as the staff goes, they are generally unpleasant, often rude, and unorganized. That is of course, unless you're there to pay rent. Then they get sociable.

Parking is a disaster. If you want a parking space anywhere near your apartment, you need to claim a spot early. For those of us who get home after six, close parking is not an option. Be prepared to drag your groceries for blocks. Rain or shine.

To add to all the wonderful benefits and ammenities of this "luxury living", if you are a good tenant, when your lease is up you will be rewarded by a rental increase!!! It seems a bit contrary to me when they have so many empty apartments. But then, I'm not their management. I'm sure driving off good tenants and having people move in and out on a regular basis is really good for business.

A great place if all you want is pretty... but as far as living goes... NO WAY!!!

Last updated: 9/20/2010

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