4609 Wallace Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64129
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11/07/2013I lived here for a year, and only moved to get closer to school and move in with a roomate. The staff here is great, its a quiet location, and the pool is very nice in the summer! It is a great price for the space. It looks a little old compared to other places located more "In the city", but if you get over that its a great location, near Independence, Raytown, and Downtown K.C. Dennis, Rita and Kathleen are wonderful people as well! ... Full ReviewYES4.0
06/30/2013I recently moved from Stadium View for personal reasons, but if I needed another apartment I would be highly pressed to move back. The neighbors and grounds are generally quiet and the staff is very cordial. The staff was so ... Full ReviewYES4.0
06/11/2013I lived at Stadium View for 2 years and moved only for employment reasons out of state. The staff are excellant people and I became very good friends with Kathleen, Rita and Dennis. My stay there was a super experience ... Full ReviewYES4.0
12/31/2012I've have lived at Stadium View for 4 years, my 3rd complex,and it is by far the best. Maintence is outstanding repairs usually done with in a day. The owners are here just about every day. You can talk to ... Full ReviewYES4.0
12/03/2012Stadium View is by far the worst apartment I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. The staff are rude and willfully break the law. Kathleen (the apartment manager) has no business being in a customer relations position. She, along ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/21/2012 Ok let me start by sayin this complex is ok for what it...NO2.0
06/26/2012 I have lived at stadium view for about 3 years....YES5.0
01/13/2012 I would like to have the opportunity to let people know...YES3.0
01/11/2012 This was my first apartment when I got out of high...YES3.0
12/23/2011 I just moved out in November, and i must say it was...YES3.0
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Stadium View Apartments is an apartment community located in Kansas City , MO . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Stadium View Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Maple Hill (formerly Royal Woods) ( 1.1 miles), and Whispering Lake ( 1.6 miles).

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