1528 South Mebane Street, Burlington, NC 27215
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12/15/2011Me and a roomate moved into these apartments about 6 months ago. At first, everything was fine, the apartment looked decent. Everyone from the office was really polite to us. Well that didn't last long. Not even 2 days after we first moved in, one of the managers asked me to remove a cardboard box from my back porch, and was extremely rude about it, telling me i could be fined for it. We had just moved in for god's sake. And it wasn't like it was a bag of trash. No one ever told me i couldn't have a ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/15/2011When i moved in the lady at the front desk was beyond helpful. Very sweet and caring. And since then i have been in multiple times to ask questions and she has never been rude at all. So customer service ... Full ReviewYES4.0
02/14/2011I've been living hear around 4 years as well, and it has been going downhill. When my girlfriend and I first moved in, they offered a student discount for college students, which was $50 a month, making the rent for ... Full ReviewNO2.0
05/31/2009I've been living here for about 4 years now and the last year it's been downhill. It's getting to the point they're just trying to fill apartments so they're letting just anybody move in. At one time it was quiet ... Full ReviewNO2.0
07/11/2008I use to love living at Glenwood Apts. I lived there for 3 yrs until a new lady started working there. I was falsely accused of being evicted by Chasity, so now I can't get an apt anywhere b/c of ... Full ReviewNO3.0
08/22/2006 This place is really bad. I went to the office on...NO1.0
07/13/2006 I lived here in 1999. The price was outstanding. The...YES3.0
06/09/2006 Who wrote this? Someone on the office staff obviously....NO1.0
04/14/2005 I am so impressed!! I've lived here a little over a...YES5.0


Glenwood Apartments is an apartment community located in Burlington , NC . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Willow Creek Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Glenwood Apartments ( 0.0 miles), and Colony Apartments ( 0.9 miles).

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