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My lease is almost up and I have wanted to move since the day that it started. So I moved here hastily to start school after leaving active duty military service. When we first came to look at the unit my husband and I had a bad feeling, but school started in about a week, so we moved in with a short lease so that we could move in 9 months.

Move in Condition

When we can to view apartments there were several open which is always a bad sing especially in August when students are looking for housing. But like I said we were in a rush.

The first apartment that was assigned to us was filthy. The carpets had stains and that blinds were broken. When we complained management said that it had "accidentally" not been cleaned. yeah right. So we requested a different unit.

The new units had clean carpet but dirty everything else. The dishwasher had mold in it, the bathtub had a hole in the side wall, the garbage disposal was broken, all of the drains were clogged with hair, light-bulbs had not been replaced and there was blood and urine dripping down the front of the toilet. Yuck!!!

Parking and Safety

If you get home after 8pm forget about parking any where near your apartment.
Also the light near the further parking area was broken for the first 6 months of the lease. When I asked management about this they said that it was Duke Energy's light and I should call them.

About 3 months into the lease I started receiving notices about break-ins in the complex. There were 3 or 4 notices over the course of a couple months. There apartments advice "attend neighborhood watch meetings" and "be aware of surroundings"

The People

When we first came to view the apartment the people really did not seem interested in gaining new tenants. Every apartment that I had rented in the past was at least welcoming to prospective tenants, but not here. The woman showing the apartment had a bad attitude and staff that we met later were not much better.

About 6 months in we received a notice stating that there would be new management. I thought that it would be an improvement but it went from bad to worst. This current staff is downright rude. They rarely speak and always seem bothered. Once they even lost a package and blamed it on the postman not delivering even after I showed them the notice slip from my mailbox.

The Good

The amenities are nice. However, the common areas like the movie room and study space are rarely clean and the trash bins are often overflowing.

The pools are nice but given the general lack of cleanliness I would not swim in them.
bottom line for the money, you can do so much better in Durham. I wish that I knew that 8 months ago!

Last Updated: 04/03/13

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