8199 Brier Leaf Ln, Raleigh, NC 27617
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12/16/2012In the time I have lived at The Oaks at Brier Creek, I have not had any issues and or problems! I love my apartment and the area I live in. From what I have read in prior posts, it seems that there are people that lived there that are just money hungry and are out to make a dime!!! If there is a problem the manager and staff do their best to fix everything in a timely manner and are very polite. Sometimes people need to realize if they paid their rent more things could be fixed...last time I ... Full ReviewYES5.0
08/26/2010 I gave a deposit in good faith, knowing that if I did any damage I would pay for the damage done, and only get a refund if anything of my deposit was left, however, at the time I applied to ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/23/2009I have been living here for one year. Where I am located in the complex is very quiet. I have no complaints about the noise level. I love the Brier Creek location who wouldn't. I do have a section 8 ... Full ReviewYES4.0
06/14/2010I just want the record to show that you can not blame management for many of the problems at this complex. Adults need to take responsibility. There are many children around that have absolutely no manners or respect to other ... Full ReviewNO2.0
08/06/2009whoever wrote the rating "the office personnel is just plain sorry" is a moron. I live at the oaks and i think the office staff does a great job putting up with some of the crap that some certain tenants ... Full ReviewYES3.0
08/09/2009 this is addressed to the person whom wrote your the...NO2.0
09/16/2008 i recently moved here and the only complaint that i have...NO2.0
08/19/2008 I have lived here for 2.5 years now. I intend to move...NO1.0
05/28/2008 I have lived here for 2 years and there have been at...NO3.0
02/17/2008 I should have never moved in this place! My apartment...NO1.0
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Oaks at Brier Creek is an apartment community located in Raleigh , NC . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Bexley at Brier Creek ( 0.1 miles), Ashley Park at Brier Creek ( 0.2 miles), and The Preserve at Brier Creek (formerly Caswyck Brier Creek) ( 0.2 miles).

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