2421-E Fairway Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603
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10/26/2013We moved out Sept. 1st and it has been almost 60 day and haven't got my deposit back. I just received a statement saying that my refund of $250 is only $135.01 mainly becouse we had a cat and they say they had to clean the carpet. We had paid $300 non-refundable deposit on the cat but was told that was just for the privlage of having the cat. Thats bullcrap.... All of the apartments that we have lived in over the years used that money to clean the carpets. This is not exceptable and a RIPOFF. We left that ... Full ReviewNO3.0
03/14/2013My biggest statement is: THIS PLACE FEELS LIKE A HOUSE THAT HAS ALL OF THE EXTRA CONVENIENCES OF AN APARTMENT. You know, like not having to mow the lawn, and being able to call the maintenance man for anything that goes wrong. My ... Full ReviewYES4.0
10/08/2012I loved living at Tryon Village (in a townhome)until I realized who I lived around. The apartment complex can't do anything about this, sadly. The walls are paper-thin, so if you have inconsiderate or downright rude neighbors, you're going to ... Full ReviewNO3.0
02/27/2012Nice looking place, decent grounds, pool was nice when it wasn't full of non residents that management did nothing about. The biggest thing that gives this place 1 star in my book is the move out charges. We lived there ... Full ReviewNO2.0
04/07/2011I've lived in Tryon Village for almost 9 months now and plan to re-lease soon. The maintenance and office staff are super friendly. Maintenance always comes within 24 hours of calling. I'm a single woman and was a little apprehensive ... Full ReviewYES5.0
06/02/2010 I've been living at Tryon Village for six months...YES5.0
05/26/2010 I have been living at Tryon Village at little over 5...YES5.0
02/24/2010 I absolutely LOVE living at Tryon Village! The...YES5.0
02/24/2010 I moved to Raleigh Sept of 2007, Not knowing...YES5.0
02/10/2010 This is probably the worst complex in the Raleigh/ Cary...NO1.0
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Tryon Village is an apartment community located in Raleigh , NC . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Links Apartments ( 0.3 miles), Village Green Apartments ( 0.7 miles), and Campus Crossings (formerly University House at Raleigh) ( 1.5 miles).

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