2105 Ravenglass Place, Raleigh, NC 27612
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01/20/2014I have lived at Windemere for over a year now and have had very few issues. The staff is always friendly, but honestly I've never had to deal with them except when I signed my renewal. The only maintenance issue I have had thus far is my kitchen light going out but I haven't even bothered to fix it because there is so much natural light in the apartment. I love that the area is wooded, so I am able to keep my windows and blinds open as well and I rarely hear my neighbors. Natural light, wooded views and ... Full ReviewYES4.0
06/25/2013I have recently moved to Windemere and I love it. The grounds are beautiful. It feels like you're living in a house. Neighbors are quiet in my building although occasionally I will hear others who are talking outside at night. ... Full ReviewYES5.0
09/11/2012This complex has been a nice place to live for many years but has deteriorated quickly in recent months. Management has really gone down and is unable to either control or satisfy residents. The front office staff is unnecessarily rude ... Full ReviewNO3.0
07/25/2012I lived at windermere for a while. It was okay, but after a couple of months i was ready to leave. Just let me say; too many dead squirles! This place stinks. Squirles are all over the place, mice, bugs, ... Full ReviewNO3.0
07/20/2012I really like the location, so I've stayed a while. I love the layout, and that the washer & dryer are included. We recently had an issue with the pool being closed for a week, but hopefully that won't happen ... Full ReviewYES3.0
01/25/2012 Quick maintenance, fast response office...NO3.0
07/20/2012 I've lived at Windemere for awhile and love it....NO2.0
02/14/2011 A guest and I were utilizing the pool one day when I was...NO2.0
01/05/2011 I've lived in Windemere for 13 months and I would...YES5.0
01/01/2011 Trust me, I never would have left this complex had...YES5.0
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Windemere is an apartment community located in Raleigh , NC . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Camden Overlook (formerly Summit Overlook) ( 0.2 miles), Richmond Hills Apartments ( 0.5 miles), and Berkshire on Millbrook (formerly Paces Forest) ( 0.6 miles).

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