800 N Macmillan Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403
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05/10/2012If you are a student at UNCW then this makes the ideal walking distance place to stay. However If you are not a student I do not recommend staying here. The worst problem my wife and I have are the inconsiderate immature kids that party about every night. It is out of control and intolerable. This place is not a safe living environment as these kids will vandalize your vehicle or home in retaliation for calling the police to report their all night partying. My Wife and I have called the police at least 15 times since we stayed here, ... Full ReviewNO3.0
02/20/2012I have been at the Quad for about 1 year and 6 months now and at first I wasn't sure if I would be happy. I am not a student, as most of the residents are and sometimes the noise ... Full ReviewYES4.0
02/05/2012If you want something close to campus that is reasonably priced this place is great. However, once you start living here it quickly becomes apparent how cheaply the place is made, nails popping out of the walls, cracks, uneven spots ... Full ReviewNO2.0
07/02/2011HORRIBLE! I have to call the cops EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND to come break up parties because of drunk college kids and there insanely loud music/voices. **Most of the reviews that recommend the Quad are written by students; keep reading and ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/05/2011Only fair accommodations, but competent staff and smoking hot! Some things could be improved upon, but you get what you get when you live with mostly college students. ... Full ReviewYES4.0
02/05/2012 WAS a great place,not no more,still lazy...NO1.0
08/05/2010 i stayed in crosswinds, a steven bell property,...NO1.0
12/04/2009 I live here and I just want to say that it is the best...YES5.0
08/09/2009 My daughter has recently moved into the Quad. The...YES3.0
07/20/2009 My daughter was one of the recent flood victims. The...YES5.0
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The Quad is an apartment community located in Wilmington , NC . The following apartment communities are located nearby: College Green Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Seahawk Square Condominiums ( 0.3 miles), and Tesla Park ( 0.5 miles).

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