566 42nd Street SW, Fargo, ND 58103
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08/28/2013Lived at Park Avenue for a year 2010/2011. Can't really complain about anything. The minor maintenance issues I needed to be take care of were done within a day or two. While the building is 'period', they took care of the common areas. Like with any apartment, key is to note every little ding, scratch and non-working light fixture on the move-in checklist. When I moved out, I spent some time on cleaning the place, spackled the couple of nail holes I had and got the carpets cleaned by whatever company they recommended. Got my security deposit back as spelled out ... Full ReviewYES3.0
08/31/2012Wow I got I huge bill. I cleaned for hours and was proud of the way it looked. They nitpicked it to no end. Definitely did not leave the apt. like they said. They billed me for carpet, counter tops, ... Full ReviewNO3.0
04/02/2012Wow, just got a bill in the mail after moving out of our place for replacing all the carpet in the master bedroom, replacing the back screen door (that came broken), and replacing the entire kitchen counter top where someone ... Full ReviewNO2.0
10/28/2011I have live here for just about 2 years now. My husband and I have had our run in's with bad apartments. I think you get what you pay for here. I like how everything is right here where I ... Full ReviewYES5.0
07/01/2011I have never lived in a place where they charge for each nail holes on the wall, or charge you $5 for any light bulb you did not replace, or the dish network equipment that was left behind! Management is ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/18/2011 This is the first apartment I have lived in for 30 years...YES4.0
08/10/2010 I agree with the other posts, nice property with...NO1.0
06/25/2010 I would strongly suggest staying away from Adams...NO1.0
06/15/2010 The water is frequently shut off for "emergency...NO2.0
01/07/2010 I really liked that all the basic utilities such as...YES3.0
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Park Avenue Apartments is an apartment community located in Fargo , ND . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Park Avenue Apartments ( 0.0 miles), Cheyenne Estates ( 0.5 miles), and Sunwest Apartment Homes ( 0.9 miles).

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