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The Mountain Club at Parsippany

2467 Route 10 East, Morris Plains, NJ 07950
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Terrible!!!! Building # 25 is literally falling apart the building foundation is settling creating massive cracks in sheet rock windows won't close properly . Wouldn't stay here if it were free!!! Stay far far away. Washer and dryer cost money and… Full Review ▶


This place sucks!! The super is an idiot and the landlord overcharges and harasses you when you are a day late. They never did a thing about the roaches in the apartment all the time i was there. My parking spot… Full Review ▶


Pros: Nice views (some units.) Close to major highways, 10,287,280,46,and 80. Pool and gym facilities. Heat, cooking gas and hot water included in maintenance fee/rent Cons: Apartments are poorly insulated old and noisy. Only one exit/entrance into development. Located right off… Full Review ▶


The Mountain club is not as good as I thought. If you have emergency - I will take them only 30 min to get to you and the guy might also add that he had stop for a gas. Not recommended.… Full Review ▶


The Mountain Club is currently going through several renovations. Each unit received new roofing. That's great and all but the workers must have spilled boxes of nails in the parking areas because I have gotten 3 nails in my tires since.… Full Review ▶


I lived at the mountain club for a year and have no real complaints. My apartment was a sub let and was rented 'as is' so it needs some work but as for the complex itself I was happy living here.… Full Review ▶


Great rental rates, but do not expect much as far as assuming the management will be very considerate of the tenants. A few weeks ago it was 5 degrees outside in the middle of January. I came hope at 8:30 p.m.… Full Review ▶


Of all of the places I have lived, this has been BY FAR the most comfortable of all. Not only does the Mountain Club provide a great place to live, but a overall feeling of privacy, while maintaining a wonderful pool,… Full Review ▶


I've lived here about a year, and I LOVE it. It is very conveniently located. As any long-term Jersey resident knows, divided highways and jughandles are the norm, so no surprises there. Units are rented by their individual owners, and I… Full Review ▶


I've been at the Mtn Club with my wife (we're in our mid...ok, now late-20's) for about 5.5 years. It has been an entirely decent place to live. Incredibly convenient....since I've lived here, I have worked to the south (Somerset), to… Full Review ▶


I rented my unit from a person named ---------------- from Dodden Associates. My particular unit was not updated in many years. The kitchen floor had cracked and sharp tiles which rendered it impossible to walk barefoot on due to safety issues.… Full Review ▶


After submitting my lawsuit to the small claims court, the landlord refunded all my security deposit ($1765). If you believe that the claims against your security deposit are fraudulent, please take the owner to court. I would have wanted to further… Full Review ▶


Be careful whom you rent with, at Mountain Club. The apartments are not rented out by the association. The promotional website belongs to an outsider who's just out to make money out of you. He makes the website look like an… Full Review ▶


Cindy has been FIRED!!! Its about time!!! Lets see if this New board will be a Good one. Full Review ▶


The walls are paperthin. For $1225.00 a month, I probably have the best place in the entire development.DON'T BUY HERE!!!! I can hear my ghetto neighbors upstairs doing everything, and when I say everything, I mean his phone buzzing, her alarm… Full Review ▶


This is the WORST PLACE TO LIVE!!! The Woman (Cindy) in the Management office is Terrible, She is so mean to EVERYONE!!. The office hours are 9am to 430pm. The problem with that is at 420pm they are gone for the… Full Review ▶


I currently rent an apartment in the Mountain Club for $1100/month. I understand many units are priced much higher, which was part of the reason I took the place. I thought I was getting a good deal, considering gas and heat… Full Review ▶


I just moved in a few months ago and so far so good. I dont think I would buy here as the prices are too high for an (APT) but the place is nice. They are redoing the landscape, basements, and… Full Review ▶


I moved at the beginning of the year, and thus far am not impressed with anything. Here's my complaints: 1. Check the laundry room, our washers and dryer look brand new, high efficency, nice, but don't work correctly. I've done laundry… Full Review ▶


I've lived at the Mountain Club since 2004 and what a change it has gone through, and is still going through. The community facilities have all been updated or are being updated, many of the owners have taken the initiative and… Full Review ▶


Ok so here is the latest on the Mountain Club. The community is in the process of upgrading the drainage around the buildings. So far im told half are completed. Sidewalks are being repaved and grounds are being landscaped. The jacuzzi… Full Review ▶


I agree with another renter- the Mountain Club is likely the most upscale apartment community in its price range. People are nice to one another, the place is clean and well kept. There are many young professionals renting here eg, lawyers,… Full Review ▶


I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about. Anyone that lives in NJ knows what apartment prices are like. I had looked at a lot of places before moving here and none had the space or the amenities the Mountain Club… Full Review ▶

Prospective Resident

The review from "Not worth the Moula" is right on target! This apartment was initially at the top of my list. I was a prospective tenant coming from over 2 hours away and "the man" would only show me the available… Full Review ▶


Just moved in recently, I havent had the chance to use the pool yet so I cant report on how it is. Other than that, it seems pretty good. The living room space is pretty big, Ive got it partitioned off… Full Review ▶


I've been apt. hunting for the last couple of weeks and The Mountain Club, was by far the top of my list... until I visited. First, it's on a huge mountain, and you have to hike to get anywhere, including to… Full Review ▶


convenient location - everything is nearby, nice views - lovely neighborhood, great place - nice & quiet! Full Review ▶


Not only is it a great starter Home I bought it 12 mos ago for 115,000, and sunk 30K into updating the entire unit. Since then the community has decided to convert from a co-op to all condos. This is ideal… Full Review ▶


Been here almost a year now and almost everything I have to say is positive. The laundry rooms have been upgraded, the management company does a good job with repairs, and the apartment is a great size for the rent cost.… Full Review ▶


This is a nice quiet neighborhood and very safe. The management company changed last year and is performing very well. In 5 years I've had to make ZERO maintenance requests. They've made several improvements to the common grounds and it is… Full Review ▶


This place is old and falling apart. GO somplace else.. The grounds are not kept up well, Value of these units are going down rather then going up. Every unit needs paint, and the buying/rent process is obsurd................... They show you… Full Review ▶


I've been a resident for about 4 years. The community is quiet, safe, and the maintenance has been a LOT better with last year's management change. Each apartment is kept differently depending on the owner - and since several go on… Full Review ▶


The summary sums it up. Parsippany-Troy Hills Schools are among the best in Morris County, New Jersey, and a preschool, Elementary, Junior High & High School are all within a 5 minute drive from the Mountain Club.

Drive another 2… Full Review ▶


This is a nice place, I found a renovated model and own it. Being a Co-Op, the fees are high. Parking is tough though. One space per unit, and barely no visitors parking. If you live here, you will have dents… Full Review ▶


We moved into the apartment approximatly 3 motnhs ago and have had the best experience here. Other commenters have mentioned the need to shop around, and it is true, you get what you pay for... some places are like palaces, are… Full Review ▶


Lovely place to own. Places vary .. ALOT... so check before you rent or buy. Some are almost palaces, others seem like dumps. Check before you rent if thats what your going to do. Rental prices are about average for the… Full Review ▶


nice place to live if you own. Maintenance is high though! 500 dollars a month :( Thats more then my mortgage. My place is nice too cause i remodeled it myself. Maybe one day we will party? Full Review ▶


where to start?
1) bait and switch tactics - they pull the old "show the model" apartment in the office, and stall you when you want to see the real one. If you refuse, they just move to the next person… Full Review ▶

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