5035 East Russell Road, Las Vegas, NV 89122
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04/21/2014We have lived here for two years and am glad we are finally moving out. The apartment were poorly designed and do not absorb sounds very well. Anytime my neighbor gets home, she tends to just let the door slam shut and the sound seems to be amplified 5 times in our apartment. We cant even enjoy watching TV on our days off if she and her kids are constantly going in and out. If she has her windows open the problem gets worst. But I digress...let me tell you about the things that are wrong in our unit....And apt ... Full ReviewNO3.0
09/20/2013The apartments themselves are nice. you can hear everything thru your front door. so anyone talking/screaming or even just walking down the outside halls sounds like they're in your apartment. So far the apartment staff is fine. parking is a ... Full ReviewYES3.0
08/13/2013I moved into these apartments on short notice the one person who helped me was great, but she was let go... now there is new management.. if you need something done you need to call them multiple times, they never ... Full ReviewNO3.0
05/14/2013Although I've only been living at The Venue for a month now, Lindsey, Wendy and Mike all made my transition as smooth as possible. They catered to my every need and exceeded all expectations. This was my first apartment and ... Full ReviewYES5.0
02/16/2013I lived here a year or so ago and they really get you when you move out. The still have my sure deposit and sent me to collections for carpet cleaning. I've actually never seen a BILL!! I ASKED THEM ... Full ReviewNO2.0
12/19/2012 The Venue is an excellent place to live. My husband and...YES5.0
12/01/2012 My experience has been great. The apartment is...YES5.0
11/30/2012 Great place to live! Updated appliances and architecture...YES4.0
09/06/2012 The apartment is beautiful. The Management team has been...YES3.0
03/20/2012 I recently just moved out of the VeYES4.0
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The Venue is an apartment community located in Las Vegas , NV .

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