1872 Sweet Home Road, Buffalo, NY 14228
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From: KrisMK
Date posted: 8/19/2008
Years at this apartment: 2005 - 2008
Do not buy into their crap. This place is a joke... the "amazing amenities" that they offer (and charge so much extra for) are far from amazing. First, the pool is so nasty it is unusable 90% of the time. The grills, you have to manage to find someone at the front desk to get a key to open them and then hope that they are working which if they even are they won't work well. The gym, more then half the equipment is never working - try sharing 2 treadmills with the entire apartment community. And they leave the radio BLARING most of the time so forget using the TVs because you will never be able to hear them - IF those are even working. The tanning beds are NOT cleaned regularly and every time I've tried to use them they have screwed up the timer and I've had to get BACK OUT and go back to the front desk to have it reset. They manage to keep the exterior looking pretty nice but the buildings are not cleaned regularly at least not well.

The walls and floors are paper thin. The apartments were built so quickly and so cheaply that after only 3 years the place is falling apart. I took very good care of my apartment and the floor is still pealing up, the counters are pealing up and the fixtures are all malfunctioning. And FORGET about maintenance - they don't come and when they do they rarely fix the problem. My "complimentary heat" wasn't working so they brought be a stupid space heater after nagging them for weeks to do something about it which jacked up my electric bill (which I had to pay). Next, my air-conditioning was broken and I put in work orders for a MONTH and the problem was never fixed. The one bedroom apartment I lived in for 2 years had a burn in the carpet of the bedroom which I was told multiple times (after putting in multiple work orders started the day I moved in) would be fixed never was. Eventually I was told that they weren t going to fix it because they didn t want to go back to the prior tenant for the money.

I came home froma week of vacation to find that my apartment had been left unlocked for who knows how long after maintenance that I didn't even know was scheduled to happen. Which, wouldn't have been AS BIG of a deal if the security system that locks the ENTRANCE to my building hadn't also been malfunctioning for weeks so ANYONE off the street could have gotten into my place. When I approached the staff about the problem they more or less told me it couldn't have been their fault and turned me away - no apology. Did I mention I live alone? And coming home to an unlocked apartment was more then unnerving?

Now that I have finally left my refund I was owed to me for leaving early is over $100 less then I was promised and it has taken me (no joke) over a MONTH to get anyone to call or email me back. In fact, I'm still waiting for an answer. I've given these people so much money and paid them faithfully for 3 years and I can't even get a call back on an issue like this?

With that said, the first two were not so bad, but this last year has been a nightmare. This place went downhill FAST. I probably would have stayed if things hadn't gone so horribly wrong. Maybe a year ago this was the place to live but don't waste your time and especially your money living in this crap hole now.

Last updated: 8/19/2008

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