1872 Sweet Home Road, Buffalo, NY 14228
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03/09/2014If you are a rich, bratty kid attending college for "fun" and have incredibly low standards for a place of residence, this place is for you! Otherwise, stay FAR FAR AWAY! The place is a filthy, greedy corporation out to leech out as much money from you as possible. The staff is absolutely awful. The managers will not even reply to your email, let alone meet you in person (after keeping you waiting on multiple occasions for long periods of time). The furniture and the carpets are despicable. There are RATS. The management deals with this issue by providing you with ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/22/2014this is horrible place to stay. when check their web site says shuttle; not working properly say printer; never working say friendly stuff; none. All rooms smell horrible and all furnitures are older than my grandmom. Never think to stay. ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/04/2013University Village at Sweethome is not a good place to stay, I started UB in 2010 and I was there only for an academic year. Which is a lease for 2010-2011. After moving back home I attended two different universities, ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/03/2013I absolutely agree with the previous person here and STRONGLY DISCOURAGE people from living at this place. This is kind of a "luxury housing", where you are charged pretty high money for the unit, but in fact you are not ... Full ReviewNO1.0
10/01/2013I strongly discourage anyone from living here, especially graduate students. Live here at your own risk, it's your grade. - Very noisy from undergrads partying - Very dangerous parking lot since there are few traffic controls people speed around turns. - Units are ... Full ReviewNO2.0
09/28/2013 Just adding my experiences for fairness. A lot of...NO3.0
09/28/2013 My daughter lived at Sweet Home for 3 years while in Law...NO2.0
09/27/2013 Office staff is non-responsive and couldn't care...NO1.0
09/10/2013 DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!! COCKROACHES!! Although the...NO1.0
08/21/2013 Read your lease carefully! This place is out to get your...NO2.0
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University Village at Sweet Home is an apartment community located in Buffalo , NY .

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