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Avalon Kips Bay
(formerly Archstone Kips Bay, Eastbridge Landing)
377 East 33rd Street, New York, NY 10016
Sep 17, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
We have lived in this building for a few months and I have mixed emotions about it. The grounds are great, pretty clean and our apartment is very nice. The doormen and maintence people are generally friendly and helpful, but only if you ask. My only, and biggest problem with living here is that the doormen do NOT look up from their desk. It doesnt matter whether you come in at 9AM or ...Full review of Avalon Kips Bay
Rated Good:NoiseConstructionSafety
Rated Bad:Parking
21 Reviews
37% Recommended
Avalon Midtown West
(formerly Archstone Midtown West, Gershwin Apartments)
250 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10019
Jul 14, 2013 - Gary0000 said:
Building was beautiful and location is the best, so if you can bear awful management, maybe you can live here. The worst one out of my past apartments (5 apartments out of 10 years), and I checked and agreed with all reviews under rate 3 here. ...Full review of Avalon Midtown West
Rated Good:SafetyNoiseGroundsConstruction
14 Reviews
33% Recommended
Avalon Morningside Park
1 Morningside Drive, New York, NY 10025
Feb 11, 2014 - mpell said:
Don't expect to get your security deposit back even if the person going over the unit declares is impeccable. After 5 hours of cleaning, vacuuming, scrubbing, etc. They charged me $134 for 6 hours of 'general cleaning.' There was absolutely NOTHING to clean. They claim 8 hours of painting - this is a joke. So, be warned about your security deposit. The ...Full review of Avalon Morningside Park
Rated Good:GroundsOffice StaffParkingMaintenance
34 Reviews
27% Recommended
Avalon Clinton
(formerly Archstone Clinton)
515 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019
Aug 8, 2013 - -Anonymous- said:
Up until a few weeks ago I would have given a glowing review, but something has recently come up that has seriously spoiled my view of how this community is managed. I moved out the day my lease ended, however, the management company has charge me an extra half month of rent because I hadn't responded within 60 days of receiving a notice as to whether I was accepting the renewal ...Full review of Avalon Clinton
Rated Good:GroundsSafetyMaintenanceOffice Staff
13 Reviews
0% Recommended
Avalon Chrystie Place
229 Chrystie Place, New York, NY 10002
Aug 27, 2012 - -Anonymous- said:
All of the bad reviews of this place are true. Two things to add to what others have said: (1) the security in this building is nonexistent; pretty much anyone can come in and use the roofdeck, wander the halls, break into your apartment, etc. I have felt extremely unsafe in the elevator, and even on my own floor, with people who don't live in the building but loiter ...Full review of Avalon Chrystie Place
Rated Bad:ParkingOffice Staff
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The Buchanan

recommend:YES | rating:5.00
NadineSchramm says: I have lived in the Buchanan since 1968. I loved every moment. The staff, from the doormen, to the super, to the management company, is very responsible in answering any requests. Management and staff are very courteous. Given a choice I will always remain in the Buchanan. The ..full review of The Buchanan

Barclay Tower

recommend:YES | rating:3.00
-Anonymous- says: Generally very happy here as the amenities and staff are top notch. However, with the new construction across the Street (I face the north side of the Street), I am woken up at 6am morning every day on Monday to Saturday from the construction which makes getting a good night's sleep ..full review of Barclay Tower

Avalon Bowery Place

recommend:NO | rating:3.00
-Anonymous- says: Nice building, but prepare to be harassed by the walking dead from the mission next to the Bowery Hotel and the highest concentration of sex offenders in the city located at the halfway house on 3rd street between 2nd/Bowery. ..full review of Avalon Bowery Place

Carnegie Mews

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: there are offices in this building in addition to residences. Means there are all sorts of people coming in and out during the day. No apartment maintenance at night. Single pane windows. If u face the street it will be noisy. Doesnt bother some people but watch for it. Also keep in mind there ..full review of Carnegie Mews

The Continental

recommend:YES | rating:5.00
-Anonymous- says: My husband and I have lived in The Continental for three years, and we love it. It's basically like living in a hotel. The staff are wonderful, they go out of their way to help us, and if there is ever a problem of any kind, someone is up to fix it immediately. The ..full review of The Continental

120 Cedar Street

recommend:YES | rating:5.00
Fidi_Home says: I have been living in the Financial District for the past 30 years and going to Oharas Bar. The building looks the best it ever has! Bar has mostly locals in it and are all super friendly. Just moved into the building the space is great! ..full review of 120 Cedar Street

505 West 37th

recommend:YES | rating:4.00
Fanman99 says: On site garage is a nightmare. They rent it out to Verizon and other companies overstuffing it with vans. When Javitis has an event residents can not get in to park their car in the garage, regardless of their monthly status. Staff is nice, building is nice. Area outside Lincoln ..full review of 505 West 37th

120 Cedar Street

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: Just left this place. Thank God!!!!!!!!!! Construction noise at next lot and with freedom towers, dust from construction, tourist noise, bar noise, neighbors with loud music and parties, the place is falling apart, the management company is terrible to deal with and will ..full review of 120 Cedar Street

One East River Place

recommend:NO | rating:3.00
-Anonymous- says: Elevators WORSE than ever, now they don't even stop at certain floors... You have to take stairs to a different floor to access an elevator Leasing company seems up indifferent Now elevator to garage doesn't work ..full review of One East River Place


recommend:YES | rating:5.00
-Anonymous- says: I have to agree with the last review. I have been at the Ocean for about 3.5 years and Michelle is amazing!! She is a definite asset to the the Ocean!! She is extremely professional, has a pleasant demeanor and is always available unlike other property managers I have dealt with in the ..full review of Ocean


recommend:YES | rating:5.00
Suzanne-Corcoran says: Rivercross is no longer a Mitchell-Lama / limited equity Co-op! I have been an owner/resident since 1988 and speak from first-hand experience. The building is a full-service elevator co-op with high-end amenities, including: in-house swimming pool and sauna; fully-equipped, two-level ..full review of Rivercross

Rivergate Apartments

recommend:NO | rating:1.00
-Anonymous- says: Worst place in the WORLD TO LIVE! ..full review of Rivergate Apartments

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