23 Lake Shore Drive, Watervliet, NY 12189
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04/09/2014Where do I even begin with this place? Ever since I moved in it has always smelled really badly. No matter how much I deep clean my carpet it smells. Every time I walk out to the main entrance it smells like someone has been smoking a lot of pot. Mold ended up growing on my bedroom wall. This place is not dog friendly at all!! I was going to get a 40 pound dog and was told by one person it was ok. Then called the office and was told no more then 20 pounds. Luckily I didn't adopt ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/19/2014We had an appointment to see these apartments, and the woman who worked in the lasing office was extremely rude. She told us we were "killing her" when we asked her if we could also look at two bedrooms while ... Full ReviewNO3.0
11/10/2013I have been complaining of a horrible sewer smell coming from the basement for months and nothing has been done about it. I feel sick and have a headache every day, I told management about hearing water running into the ... Full ReviewNO3.0
10/29/2012My husband and I moved in to Lakeshore in Jan of 2008 & left in September 2010. It was the longest 2 1/2 years of my life. This place is so disgusting. No matter how much I would clean it ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/12/2012First off my girlfriend and I have amazing credit. Ended up having to pay double security just to move in. I was informed that we would be getting new lights because they looked like medevil times I rather of walked ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/03/2012 My roommate and I were very disappointed in our...NO2.0
09/10/2011 I have lived here for about a year and half and I will...NO1.0
08/15/2011 One or two people in the main office (on the premises)...NO3.0
05/11/2011 I have had nothing but trouble with this apartment...NO1.0
03/23/2011 I was reading a few other reviews about the horrible...NO1.0
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Beverwyck / Lake Shore Park is an apartment community located in Watervliet , NY . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Fenimore Trace Apartments ( 0.6 miles), Hudson Preserve Luxury Residences ( 0.6 miles), and Highland Club ( 0.8 miles).

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