1551 Treetop Trl, Akron, OH 44313
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 3/18/2009
Years at this apartment: 2008 - 2009
Okay, so I have read a couple of the reviews about Timber Top. And I am going to give my honest opinion of the place. Well, my lease is up at the end of June and my boyfriend and I are looking for a new place. There are some good things about Timber Top, one is that you only have to pay for your electric and renters insurance, everything else is paid for. We rarely ever have to turn our heat up in the winter because the other apartments pretty much keep ours warm, in fact we usually have the fan on all year round. Our highest electric bill so far was $75 and that includes having our air conditioning on in the summer. Also, Timber Top is probably the cheapest apartments around here. We have a one bedroom and we pay $495 plus $15 a month for renters insurance. I also like the private entrances and the closeness to The University of Akron. However, it wasn't until recently that we have had problems. And I agree with everyone else who has written, it's not necessarily Timber Top...its the people the live here. Now granted there are a lot of college kids here so parties are to be expected. I don't have a problem with kids partying on the weekends, we all do it. However its the nonstop constant noise from the people the don't work and don't seem to have anything better to do. My biggest problem right now is my neighbors. We got new neighbors and they are by far the worst people EVER. They have no consideration of us or anyone else. The other night they partied until 3am...it was a tuesday and I had a 9:00 class the next morning. Now I understand that not all people around here are like that but most are. Also, people love to think that they can take the front parking spots, even though they don't live here. We called the manager and she said that the front spots are for residents but there isn't anything they can really do about it. Also, there were a couple of other neighbor related incidents such as the one neighbor that would go out in the middle of the night and shoot his gun into the woods...the cops were called and they never came. And there were a bunch of other times I have waken up in the middle of the night to people fighting/screaming/stereo systems. I do like my apartment here, we are trying to up our price range a little bit and go for something a little bigger, but its a nice apartment for the price. Also, the maintenance staff is pretty good. Our garbage disposal broke and they put in a brand new one for us and there was a time when we called about a big tree branch that fell in the road and they called us to let us know it got taken care of. But I just have one piece of advice, before you move in, try to find a way to come out at night and just listen to the noise that you will hear if you moved in. I understand that all apartment complexes have their issues and we all know apartments complexes will get noisy from time to time. So its like you kind of have to make a choice, take the good rent price or take the nonstop noise. If you like neighbors that have dogs that constantly bark, neighbors that constantly party and neighbors that don't give a crap about you, definitely move here. But I suggest checking out a lot of apartments before you pick one because there are a lot of layouts and floorplans to pick from. And like I said before, try to get to know the area of Timber Top you want to move into to before you move. I hope this helped!

Last updated: 3/18/2009

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