1200 Vineyard Drive, Broadview Heights, OH 44147
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10/16/2013I'll start out by saying that unlike a lot of reviews, our water bill is less than $10 a month, and yes, we shower haha with that being said, I did not enjoy living here AT ALL! The apartment manager was extremely nice and attentive at first, but after we moved in she was a complete nightmare to deal with! She was rude, unprofessional, and condescending. Maintenance was also a nightmare! A week after we moved in we asked that a few things be fixed... Aka, every single door in the apartment. The hall closet sour squeaked like you wouldn't ... Full ReviewNO2.0
08/22/2013We have been renting The Vineyards' one bedroom/den corporate apartment for one or two months every summer since 2010 and have been very happy. Since it is a temporary rental, our $1600 rent covers all furnishings, linens, kitchen equipment, iron, ... Full ReviewYES4.0
04/16/2013I have lived here for almost 2 years. There are certainly pluses and minuses to apartment living anywhere and here are the pros and cons to the Vineyards. Pros: Two walk in closets in a gigantic master bedroom (yes girls I said ... Full ReviewYES4.0
10/29/2012I give The Vineyards credit for keeping the landscaping and common areas clean and visually pleasing....but the management staff and leasing agents are rude, condescending, and highly arrogant. They enforce ridiculous policies that are not mentioned in the lease agreement. ... Full ReviewNO3.0
08/31/2012The Vineyards is the worst apartment I ever lived. The worst manager I ever dealt with. Terrible management! I and my husband were living in the Vineyards apartments for about 1 and half year. The manager ----- is the most ---- ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/29/2012 Visiting my car was stolen.. cost 850 just to get it...NO1.0
07/24/2012 My husband and I have been living at the Vineyards for...YES4.0
06/04/2012 While I have had a few positive experiences since...NO3.0
04/11/2012 During the summer the pond and pool are awesome! The...YES5.0
03/28/2012 Hi. I lived in a one bedroom apartment at the Vineyards...YES3.0
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The Vineyards is an apartment community located in Broadview Heights , OH . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Weeping Cherry Village (formerly Bent Tree at Seneca Gardens) ( 1.2 miles), Seneca-Broadview Hills Apartments ( 1.2 miles), and Stoney Run Apartments ( 1.2 miles).

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