33 Meeting House Road, Centerville, OH 45459
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 2/3/2011
Years at this apartment: 2010 - 2011
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After living here for a year, we cannot wait to get out of here. This apartment complex puts no money into it's apartments. We have had issues since day one of moving in and none of them have been taken care of. Our dishwasher and garbage disposal has not worked at all and after them coming out several times to "fix" it by doing the absolute least work possible, it goes unfinished. We've never been able to use it. Issues with the front door went unresolved until we nagged the crap out of them, and still, the door was replaced but still not done. Whenever I call the office about an issue, I'm cut off by the girl that answers, and replied back to in a very rude manner. But, the one time we parked in someone's carport, they immeditately called us and demanded us to move our car. The kitchen cabinets are warped to the point that a glass can barely stay up straight, and carpet was stained upon move in by there painting, a big hole in the wall of our place on the patio goes untaken care of, cold air comes through the gapes in windows and doors.... I could really go on and on for awhile. Bottom line is with a office and management staff that doesn't seem to care and have horrible attitudes, a maintenance department that cuts corners, and the aggravation that comes with this, I recommend that no one lives here. Oh, but they somehow how have the money to revamp their clubhouse and offices. The first immpresions that this leaves people is completely false as to what you will get.

Last updated: 2/3/2011

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User Responses

From: Anonymous Date: 02/04/2011
Can't please everyone! Good for them on "revamping" their clubhouse!!
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From: Anonymous Date: 03/22/2011
I believe the main office staff who is in charge "skinny" i will call her..is the rudest one! Don't blame the maintenance guys, they are told by "skinny" what to do and how to fix it. They really have no say, and are being lied to by the office staff "skinny". The only reason she is still there is because she is saving the company money and we all can tell by the apartments literally falling apart on us. My family and I have lived there since march 2010 and are unhappy, and looking else where. I have had friends come and look here, and they refuse to move here because of the condition of the apartments. I myself have seen better apartments which are actually older. Makes no sense. I have a 2 year old andmy biggest concern is the black mold the appears in our bathroom and now paint is literally coming off and chipping off our walls and bathrooms. I dont need my little one accidentally eating paint! Mrs B Skinny needs to throw her self out, and Vaughn group needs to tear these apartments down and rebuild. they are unsafe!
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From: Anonymous Date: 04/09/2011
You said "But, the one time we parked in someone's carport, they immeditately called us and demanded us to move our car." Well of course they called you right away, someone was most likely paying for that spot and you had to be a cheap bum park in someone else spot, what did you expect?
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From: Anonymous Date: 03/24/2014
I don't agree with the reviewer parking in someone else's spot, but I think that it sucks that something so tiny is addressed, when for months, it looks like the conditions of the apartments are in disarray. Seems to me that the management is super-­shoddy. And I'll tell you one thing, I don't care about a "first impression"-­-­ I care about a complete impression... so if the clubhouse & offices look nice, but the apartment is old & crappy, I'm not moving in... Looks like I'll be moving elsewhere.
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