5499 Lees Crossing Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45241
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From: mighty095
Date posted: 3/3/2011
Years at this apartment: 2010 - 2011
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I moved to this apartment complex this past October. I was previously living downtown in a really cool loft, but my commute to work was killing me so I decided to move north. I took an entire day to search for apartments in and around the west chester, fairfield, and sharonville area. A friend of mine recommended McCauly Crossing. For the price, you can't beat it. There are gates that only residents can access. It is clean. The apartments are clean and well put together. I have a washer/dryer combo in my unit, free of rental fees from the property. The only draw back about this place is that my energy bills, as well as those of my neighbors are rather high. I am still figuring out why. Also, the cell phone reception can be spotty at times here.

Last updated: 2/5/2014

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From: Anonymous Date: 03/06/2011
Gates only the residents can access??? How bout the 90% of the time they are left open because they are broke??!! What about the 100 bucks extra a month we pay for common electric?? Your bill is soo high because the windows in these places are as old as they are and there is no insulation and...we have electric heat!! join on facebook Tenants Against Connor Group and Heartland Regional Power
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