1411 Triskett Road, Cleveland, OH 44111
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02/02/2013When I say that I ABSOLUTELY HATE this apartment, that is an understatement. There is a beginning but a never ending story about this apartment. Let's start off by saying it is a TRAP charging only $585 including water and gas in the rent. The apartment is spacious and that is the ONLY ok part about this apartment. All of the applicances are completely out of date. In the winter time, your hot water barely or rarely works at all. The heat is so scarce it might as well not be on. I asked for someone to come look at ... Full ReviewNO1.0
12/03/2012I don't know how to start! I hate this place, I regret the day we signed the lease!!! At first everything was o..k Until i saw a huge roach in my living room! i have neighbors that walk in & out ... Full ReviewNO1.0
02/17/2012I've been living here goin on five months and I've had a Hell of surprises! My second month here I had a bad encounter with a HUGE bug....a roach it had to b! I had to rush out and get ... Full ReviewNO1.0
01/29/2012Pros: Gave me a law enforcement discount off my rent to live there. Provide heat and water. Cons: All the decent people left are moving out, filthy people from 3rd world countries moving in and have multiple families staying in ... Full ReviewNO1.0
11/17/2011I have lived here for 7 months with my son. I can't wait till we move. I'm so scared he will eat a roach, get scratched or bit by a mouse, or get attacked by the bed bugs that have ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/06/2011 When we moved into the apartment everything was fine....NO1.0
06/22/2011 I live here only because right now i cannot afford to...NO2.0
03/15/2010 I came across this review trying to find my old address...NO1.0
03/23/2009 I was asked by someone in my building if I would...YES5.0
03/02/2009 I lived at The Stuart House for 4 years too long,...NO2.0
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Stuart House is an apartment community located in Cleveland , OH . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Colonial Club ( 1.3 miles), Edgewater Landing ( 1.5 miles), and West Terrace Apartments ( 1.5 miles).

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