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01/09/2014Not a good word I can say about this place!!! Shootings, mice, filth, horrible maintenance, washers n dryers always broke, they took out hallway carpet 2-3 months ago and still no carpet, no screens in the windows, not to mention the draft that comes through the cracks in the cheap non-insulated windows and jacks up your gas bill. This place is an absolute joke. Any idiot could run this place...Lord knows you don't need a degree!!! I wouldn't even rate anything about this place even one star but couldn't pick 0....pathetic!! ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/07/2013You know the biggest problem with this place? It's the rude, crude, unprofessional, incompetent, lazy, and borderline mentally challenged individual that calls itself "----". She's quick to say that something will be done when asked, but will do nothing to ... Full ReviewNO1.0
03/18/2013Management are disrespectful!!! If something is wrong with your place good luck getting repairs. This place was great until new management came in in 2012. Now its saturated with, drug dealers, criminals aand thieves. More than a few people have ... Full ReviewNO1.0
08/24/2012Take a look at this Twitter page. Should tell you everything you need to know. https://twitter.com/EW_Village ... Full ReviewNO1.0
08/22/2012I am getting ready to move out of East worthington village as soon as my lease expires at the end of next month. This apartment complex has been one of the worst decisions I've ever made. It looked fine coming ... Full ReviewNO1.0
07/10/2012 This is hilarious! I'm mad that something didnt go...YES2.0
06/12/2012 First off, if you're looking for a complex to...NO1.0
06/10/2012 Terrible place to live!!! On top of all of the bugs and...NO1.0
03/30/2012 NO REFRIGERATOR nothing will ever get fixed! Ever! they...NO1.0
03/31/2012 First off, the comment: "please dont listen to...NO1.0
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East Worthington Village is an apartment community located in Columbus , OH . It has also been known as Wyandotte Village Apartments . The following apartment communities are located nearby: East Worthington Village (formerly Wyandotte Village Apartments) ( 0.0 miles), Continent Apartments ( 0.2 miles), and The Continent French Quarter ( 0.3 miles).

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