1881 Solera Drive, Columbus, OH 43229
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From: -Anonymous-
Date posted: 1/4/2011
Years at this apartment: 2010 - 2011
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I have read every single review on this complex as I do before I consider any new place my home. I find these a little over reactive. Apparently, there had been an office change and the previous management didn't take care of the property?? The new managers Brandi and Sean were great. I had been trying to find an apartment with plenty of space at a reasonable price for over 7 months. When I first walked in, I could care these two cared about my happiness and satisfaction. I love my new apartment. There is new carpet and new vinyl. I will agree some of my appliance colors don't exactly match (white and off-white) but other than that it's fine. I have also spoken to several neighbors and even residents before I moved in, and all this crap about daughter of a leasing agent and getting mugged is total CRAP. Everyone here seems to look after each other, with one neighbor in particular being very knowledgeable about the property being as she did the census and talked to the majority of them. According to her, these other people's reviews are just bitter people who couldn't pay rent and were evicted. She actually knew exactly who the one was who made the story up about being robbed by a young resident. I would recommend this to anyone looking for affordable housing, not GHETTO, and with spacious units.
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From: Anonymous Date: 06/21/2011
Both Brandi and Sean are patronizing and will talk down to you when necessary. I moved in to the complex when Jacqueline and the previous company owned the place and now they are here and it is a downer. The office is never open on Saturdays, although it is posted as such, maintainence takes forever, and when you express a complaint, they speak to you as if you are 12. One of the things that is so interesting about these reviews is how crafted they are. It is clear that the positive reviews are written by Brandi and Sean because since the new management has been here people have left in droves. Every weekend a new moving van and a new complaint about the 21 page lease.
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From: ashleys614 Date: 06/23/2011
You are probably the same person that responded to my review earlier.. I think that it is immature to slander the office staff when all they do is try hard to make the living conditions. Honestly, how would you even know about complaints about the 21 page lease?? Since, I have moved in, at least 3 people moved out. The new neighbors are much more considerate than the old ones. They actually don't park in front of my house, they clean up after their dogs', and are very courteous when I am out walking to get the mail. I think you should grow up and find something better to do than berate people and a community, that you obviously didn't like and didn't like you.
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From: Ichigo2011 Date: 01/05/2012
Ashley, First off I can tell you didn't write this, as your response post has tons of grammatical errors. But in all fairness I will say you are 100% wrong. I grew up in that complex, I know the owner better than Shawn and Brandi. But I have seen the most shady -­-­-­-­ go down while they were in charge. Obviously it got so bad Brandi quit, so now Shawn is running it. SO let's talk about this safety, hear about the car bomb in August? did you know it was outside the 1 bedroom of a known drug dealer. How about the gun fight that took place there about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. As for slandering someone, I know a person that had their apartment broken into and when they talked to Shawn and Brandi about safety, they told these people "You probably had it coming". Seriously this is the attitude you are sticking up for.....I bet you are just a one of their friends trying to stick up for them, but who is it really on....the SLUMLORD owner who wrote the 21 page lease..Oh and btw I saw the 21 page lease with my own eyes, so get a grip and a reality check.....If you wish I still have that 21 page lease and I can post it on a website of your liking with everything my lawyer highlighted and even include his notes......so check your self....
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