4158 Pompton Court Suite A, Dayton, OH 45405
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03/21/2013I lived in stillwater parks for a yr and could not wait to move out. The office ppl were rude and never passed on messages.You could hear everything in the apartments next door i complained about my neighbor blasting his bass at 2 am. I have to be at work very early so i need sleep but they never handled it. I asked the office lady and she said if it gets to bad call the cops. The neghboring complex is run down. The ppl who live there race down the streets blasting there music and base. I dont know ... Full ReviewNO1.0
09/06/2011I just moved out of Stillwater Park Apartments officially today 9/6/2011. I had the apartment since 8/2010 and I liked living there. I referred 6 people to live there and 4 people actually got accepted and moving in. I had ... Full ReviewNO2.0
06/15/2011i love it here. i wouldnt pick anywhere else in dayton. i wish it wasnt in dayton. ... Full ReviewYES5.0
05/15/2011I honestly love this place and am sad to be leaving it. My apartment was a 1br, fairly large, and quite affordable for a college kid who makes money off of freelance gigs. My electric bill rarely exceeded $20. You ... Full ReviewYES4.0
02/05/2011I moved into Stillwater Park nine months ago after finding it was one of the only places I could afford on my own after a divorce. I signed in on a special that started rent at 299/mo for the first ... Full ReviewNO2.0
07/22/2010 This has been my experience: I moved into Stillwater...YES3.0
03/04/2009 Charter Property Group manages Stillwater Park...NO1.0
12/10/2007 Every maintenance issue I've had has been dealt with...YES4.0
10/22/2007 Since the previous property manager have left,...NO2.0
05/18/2006 Stillwater are the best apartments ever! The maintance...YES5.0
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Stillwater Park Apartments and Townhomes is an apartment community located in Dayton , OH . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Barrington Apartments ( 0.3 miles), Daytona Village Apartments ( 1.3 miles), and Country Brooke Apartments ( 1.9 miles).

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