1414 Som Center Road, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124
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01/04/2014When I was looking into coppertree for a potential place to live, I read the reviews on here and thought, "eh...it can't be THAT bad." DO NOT DO THE SAME. This is the biggest mistake of my life. I cry myself to sleep every night. They want $1800 for me to break the lease plus the remaining months rent. I am stuck here for the rest of the year. Here is a small list of issues: I am a young professional female, living alone. I was harassed and chased into my apartment building by men who linger at night in the un-lit ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/09/2013Don't live here! You'll regret. The apartment has serious problems with their old AC units. They are inefficient and very LOUD and THEY ARE INSIDE YOUR BEDROOM!!! Whenever the AC kicks on, you will literally feel the floor vibrate a ... Full ReviewNO1.0
04/14/2013My husband and I have lived here for two years, moved in when our first child was one, and are now moving out with three children lol. When we first moved here, the noise level was ridiculous, our daughter was ... Full ReviewYES2.0
04/01/2013Very expensive and not a worth living in. They treat you well only, when you are "Future Resident". ... Full ReviewNO2.0
01/25/2013coppertree sucks. the parking is far away and horrible. the parking lots are dark with burnt out lights all the time. the roads are never plowed. maintenance NEVER responds in a timely manner. packages are never available on time. the ... Full ReviewNO1.0
05/23/2012 We love it here. My husband and I have lived here now 4...YES4.0
05/16/2012 I have been resident for three years and I am so pleased...YES5.0
04/01/2012 Good points : good location : within walking distance to...NO2.0
05/06/2011 this place is infested with bed bugs. if you care...NO2.0
03/20/2011 I have lived here almost one year. The building staff is...YES4.0
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Copper Tree Apartments is an apartment community located in Mayfield Heights , OH . The following apartment communities are located nearby: Gates Mills Towers ( 0.3 miles), GrandView Apartments ( 0.3 miles), and Arbor Court ( 0.5 miles).

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